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Lada Niva 4x4 v1.0
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Lada Niva 4x4 v1.0

here I imagine you the Lada Niva 4x4 1.7L available.
History of the Lada Niva
The vehicles of the first three years of construction, the LADA NIVA already belong to the segment of the vintage car. Already since 1976 , ie for more than 30 years , the Russian SUV is produced and enjoys even today the popularity of real off-road enthusiasts who do not want to start with a Ford Kuga , Merzedes -Benz M-Class or Porsche Cayenne. At the beginning of LADA NIVA was only with a 1.7 - liter engine with 82 hp and a top speed of 137 km / h available. In the 1990s you could with the 69 hp 1.9 - liter diesel engine also acquire a LADA NIVA diesel, which is, however, to get only as a used car today. LADA NIVA the exists exclusively as a two-door , whether with a fixed roof , a convertible or pick -up LADA NIVA 4x4 With the new off-roader will have a good opportunity to put their off-road capabilities to the test. LADA NIVA 1995, has undergone a facelift , with the new features with a new steering wheel , tachometer, dashboard , and a modified rear remained relatively low. In 2010, the Lada NIVA 4x4 PUR was brought to the market , which is as a base model around 1,000 euros cheaper than the previous NIVA . The LADA NIVA is a cult car, which allows the entry into the off-road class at a relatively low price.

Open the left door : NUM 4
Open the trunk : NUM 5
Open the right door : NUM 6
Open the bonnet : NUM 8
Indoor sound

1.7 liter with 82 hp
137 km / h
Price: € 8900 LS
Upkeep: 45 LS € / day

Attention! Patch 2.0 or higher is required because of the mod , the new Performance Optimized i3d format used is that possible since release of patch 2.0.
Patch download here :
It is not allowed to upload the mod again , or to publish a revised download link! Please pay so that the work of the modders ! Other Publications in other forums only with original download link!
I wish you much fun with the mod !
MFG Black Beauty

Modell: apelsinka1991, BlackBeauty (BB_Modding)
LS13/New Ingame: BlackBeauty (BB_Modding)
Script: Giants, sven777b

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