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Large Placeable Wind Turbine
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Large Placeable Wind Turbine

Want to earn more money for generating electricity, then this is the turbine for you.

The larger props means extra generated power from the turbine, for just $400,000 extra you can replace your default turbine for this much larger, more powerful piece of kit, but remember with the trade in price for your default at $600,000, this will cost just $1 Million.
The maintenance cost is relatively low at $50 a day, but it will double your electricity income by 100% to $2,000 a day, thats $1,950 a day extra profit.
So it will pay for itself in no time at all.

The mod itself has custom sound effects as the default did not sound right for such a big turbine.

Kaosknite for advice during the scripting and helping get the props to rotate right, thanks mate.

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