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Latvia Farm v1.0
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Latvia Farm v1.0

Welcome to Latvia Farm Map
After some time spent on editing maps, i decided to make my own map.And i called it Latvia Farm, because i live in Latvia, hehe... Anyway, this is European style, i would say small sized map with 9, medium sized fields.Seed, fertiliser, manure triggers are on main farm.

Here you have little info, and what is on the map:
- Traffic
- Milk truck
- Little village with gas station, vehicle shop, etc.
- Pedestrians
- 9 fields
- 2 crop sell points, and Spinnery for wool sell
- Good map for low spec PC's
- Very slow growth times for more realism
- 2 farms, one arable&dairy, 2nd - sheep farm
- More flat, than hilly terrain

To see everything else on the map, go and check it out yourself!


Map have very slow growth times, if you want to crops grow faster, use this mod:

Potatoes and sugarbeets need to be stored via Alternative Tip mod:

Thank you for downloading my map! Hope you will enjoy!

Map by: agricultural7 (Matiss777)

- Giants
- FarmerYip
- NI Modding
- JauchenPaule
- maser789
- leicestershireFarmer
- NAS-Modding Squad
- Vanilleeis
- BvBFan87

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