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Lemken Brillant
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Lemken Brillant

The Lemken Brillant all in one seeder. Built only as a prototype the Lemken Brillant never actually made it to the farm in anger. It is an all in one seeder, the front implement is a cultivator while the rear is the seeder. Weighing in at 22 tonnes this monster will cut your field work by half, keeping costs low and productivity high.

Fold/unfold : X
Activate/deactivate Lemken : B
Lower/raise in 4 stages : V  

1st press lowers Cultivator, 2nd lowers seeder,
3rd raises cultivator and 4th raises seeder

Raise All : Left Shift - V

Model : Ferrat
Scripts : Decker
Testing and tweaking : Dr-uptown

  • Guest
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    lijkt goed
  • Guest
    2014-07-11 19:31 Send message
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    This thing is so awesome. I wish it was enabled for the majority of multi fruits.
  • Jamie
    2015-11-13 07:11 Send message
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    it's all really good except for the windows their solid black other then that it's good
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