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Leveler Novac LL50 v1.0
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Leveler Novac LL50 v1.0

All hydraulic structures. Working width mt. 5:00

Hydraulic opening of the sections, axle telescopic hydraulic blade height 1.00m, n ° 2 rockers with 2 wheels, mechanical jack lateral inclination of the blade, hydraulic rod cradle, hydraulic variation in the incidence of the blade, independent hydraulic system for laser control systems , lighting, minimum pulling power 135 HP.

I know, it's a little useless mod since there's no dynamic terrain on FS 13 but I think that's pretty cool.

So we did hope you enjoy it

Model : matteo135
Texture : matteo135
Ingame : matteo135
Particle System: Börndi
Script: Face, Xentro,Giants,GIANTS Software GmbH,Manuel Leithner,Matteo135

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