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LF20KatS v1.0 MR
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LF20KatS v1.0 MR

LF20KatS / / Lentner
[Open Beta]

MoreRealistic Engine

Version without MR it is only from V2 give as these currently only makes problems.
In V2 there will be ebendfalls:
Fast attack
Crew compartment opening doors


All rights are Fire in the project.

It is forbidden to publish parts of the new modes, in any way.

There will be no approvals for parts or the complete mod.

The mod is subject to a CC license.

The vehicle is HP (Highpoly). This vehicle is not suitable for LOW PC!

LF20KatS of Project Fire is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non-commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License.

Kabine: Edit Case_IH_MxU135
Aufbau: Case_IH_MxU135
Imagine: Case_IH_MxU135
Ingame: Case_IH_MxU135
GO112 (Interior): Blaulichtmodding
Balken DBS 3000: iPeeZel; Edit: Case_IH_MxU135

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