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Little Lausitz v1.0
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Little Lausitz v1.0

Welcome to the Lausitz.

Landi - buys all the fruit
Distillery - barley and potatoes
Hotel - corn and potatoes
Oil Mill - rape
Refinery - rape and sugar beet
Spinning - Wool
Garden Center - Slurry and manure
Horse farm - grass and hay
Slaughterhouse - Swine

The fields are usually of a hilly and 4 of them are already pre-ordered.
On the stockyard there is a feed store and a mixing station.
The pigsty must be cleaned out and the milk is picked up.
GülleMistMod is part of it, PDA fix is still needed.
Giants Editor 5.0.1
LS 2013 V.
see for yourself and have fun in the Lausitz.

Giants, TMT(Marhu,Kolbenfresser,HatzFan),Fatian,mailman,ZeFir,Mafia573,NI.Modding,Land-Ei,LWS Terminator,charly99,KillineyBayWhiskey
sollte ich jemand vergessen haben---bitte melden---wird dann nachgetragen.

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