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Lodygowo BY AndroxiPL v1.1
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Lodygowo BY AndroxiPL v1.1

The new map version v1.1 Bug Fixes new link download.
things improved
- Removed mod wykopek
- Bought some added fields
- Removed the errors in the log
- Changed the river
- Changed some skins
- Fixed other bugs

● Read Description ●
Hello this is my first map, what can I say everything on the map did not show in the video because it already takes 7 minutes :)
● I wish you a nice play on it and discover it all over, and this would be nice to you spent their time there.
And yes that reminds me the film is not shown, but added at the last minute mod chaff.
PS Doors open key "O"
Map weighs 218mb
● The parcel with the map are situated all you need fashion to maps
in addition to the "Forest modules which have themselves downloaded from this link here
● Files from the package thrown into the mods

★ Prohibitions
● Prohibition of changes in link
● Prohibition reuploadu
● Prohibition edition

★ prohibitions:

● The prohibition to change the link
● prohibitions of reupload
● prohibitions of editing


  • Starliner
    2014-09-14 20:38
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    It's wrong link. This is a link to rusmap of ets 2.
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