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Lodzka Wies
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Lodzka Wies

Author: DamianYT

I greet you, it seems my second map to the LS 13 Kurowice were not very successful but I hope that this will be enjoyed :) Climate popular as most Polish, ideal for Polish machine has an interesting plot, pond behind the barn and the drainage ditch, and many other things.

Map has.
- Polish climate
- Manure v2 !!
- 1 multifunction Polish economy
- Breeding cows
- Breeding hens
- Created an interesting area
- Mod lime !!
- Trees 3d
- Mod slurry
- An interesting landscape
- Silos for silage
- Electric poles
- All triggers acting
- Drainage ditch
- Purchase of grain
- Fields of different size

In case of any problems with the map post comments on videos, answer immediately.

Prohibition edition!
The prohibition of changing the link!
(This also applies to flip on rapideo.pl and other such servers)

Author: DamianYT

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