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Loesshuegelland v1
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Loesshuegelland v1

Welcome to the Middle Saxon loess hill country north of the town of Meissen !

This has evolved through various ablation processes in the last 10,000 years, a characteristic of loess areas Dell landscape. Long edges and dings as well as deeply indented in the relief waters characterize this region and make special demands on the agricultural processing.

This map is inspired by her example , north of Dresden . To the east of the map you will find in front of a strong in relief terrain. The west of the card is designed rather flat and level . 9 different unloading points , as well as cow and pig stables are distributed over the entire map . Nevertheless, the scale road network avoids overly long journey times. The field sizes are 4-81 acres. Thus, for every taste .

The map is designed for multiplayer mode , can be easily played in single player due to the different field sizes as well .          

4- Map
36 fields and 15 fields
1,018 acres of usable arable land
127 acres of meadows

purchasable fields with a total value of about 20 million Euro
optional multifruit (rye, oats, spelled , green wheat)
9 outlets
Three localities:
Diesbar- Seußlitz
Biogas plant :
Straw power plant
2 wedge silos (each 3 million liters )
4 silos ( per 500,000 liter capacity)
Pig with 3 stables
dairy farm
Outside storage with storage space for trailer and harvesters

Unloading :
Deuka feed operation
Garden Center
grain Mill
potato factory
oil mill
sugar factory

Interpretation on multiplayer games
optional multi- fruit , that is : the map is only sown me standard fruits. Using the enclosed ZZZ_addMultiFruit can ( but need not) be oats, spelled , green wheat and rye sown and harvested without mods , such as combines or trailer must be rebuilt . Who dispenses with the Multi Fruit - Mod , is not run into trouble while playing.
prolonged periods of growth , so that fields are sown in peace without plant growth catches up , the drill
consistently high frame rate in multiplayer ( with many mods! ) of 60 FPS at medium or hardware profile depending on the graphics card , even under high
high number of unloading points that have been individually designed and accept only certain types of fruit
Traffic signs to road traffic regulations , including signs to towns and Unloading
two lakes, a river and several road bridges
realistic field shapes
varied relief with flat areas and hillier sections
three elaborately designed and embedded in the countryside villages
funny details to be discovered ;-)

In case of problems :
Despite extensive testing, it can always happen that you find errors in the map that we have overlooked .
We would be delighted if you could provide us with this error in our forum Support area , then so that we can correct for version 2.0.
A registration in the forum is for posting messages is not necessary.
Thank you for your help !

And finally the directions that should be self-evident fact , but are all too often ignored and disregarded :
This map may be found on other sites using only the original download links available for download.
Conversions of the map and upload any of those require the express consent of the Modder - so me !

Fendt-Trisix & wingi
AS Lewitz
Diverse andere Modder, deren Objekte wir verwendet haben

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