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Logger Map Beta Pack
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Logger Map Beta Pack

This is a beta map it is the first version, YOU must have AlbertL's Logging mod in your mods folder with this map or it will not work. There are logs placed all over the map on the far side of the map there is a log mill for you to take your logs just simply drive through the gate and back in the mill and your logs are automatically unloaded. You start with pretty much no equipment so a money mod and logging mods are a must, there are other log grappels and log trailers located at modhoster as well but AlbertL s pack works good.

I have included the Duetz Logger it is basically just a modified stock 420 with wide tires and really long boom and I have edited its mass so it can pick up about anything it will be located in the MISC. part of the mods cause I am lazy and didn't really feel like cleaning that part of the mod up but it works good, you can also use the silage bucket as well it will pick up the logs.

Depending on Community feedback there might be a better version to come but this is a good start for people that like to log when they are tired of farming.

Original map: xiukaz
Edit: Greasersnoopy

Duetz Logger
Original: Giants
Edit: Greasersnoopy

AlbertL's Logging Mod.

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