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Login System v1.0
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Login System v1.0

Hi there,
here I have for you my login system Mod
This mod adds a Dedicated Server Login or Registry menu now.
This then appears immediately after connecting to the server
and thereby prevents masquerading as User1 User2 example.
The system is then quite useful for example if you the " vehicle lock used "Mod,
which prevents the for example the vehicle XY User2 can not drive.
The passwords with the users will also be encrypted on the server is stored.
Therefore, it is not possible to decrypt the password.
Therefore, should have to go to a user time lost password Löchen the account back to the ServerAdmin easy.
Specifically, this is still explained in the instructions.

As the mod is Configures is exactly as in Beige Blank instructions,
which in PDF and PNG format with lies.

I wish you much fun with the mod

With best regards

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Mod By Alex2009

  • Remington
    2014-07-10 13:26 Send message
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    Hey this mod sounds awesome but cant read how to install it lol. is there any way you could translate the installation instructions to english? would be greatly appreciated
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