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Losshugelland v2.0
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Losshugelland v2.0

Welcome to my Lößhügelland map !

The map is designed for multiplayer mode, but this map can therefore played in single player due to the different field sizes .

- Map quadruple size
- 36 fields and pastures 15
- 1,018 acres of usable arable land
- 127 acres of meadows
- purchasable fields with a total value of about 20 million Euro
- optional multifruit (rye, oats, spelled , green wheat)
- 9 outlets
- 3 villages
- Biogas plant :
Straw power plant
2 wedge silos (each 3 million liters )
4 silos ( per 500,000 liter capacity)
- pig feed
- Dairy farm with cattle fattening
- space for trailer and harvesters

Unloading :
Deuka feed operation
Garden Center
grain Mill
potato factory
oil mill
sugar factory

- Built for multiplayer games
- optional multi- fruit: The map is only sown by standard fruits. Using ZZZ_addMultiFruit, there are oats, spelled , green wheat and rye , too. There will not be any problems going without Multi Fruit.
- prolonged periods of growth , so that fields are sown in peace without the growth of plants
- consistently high frame rate in multiplayer ( with many mods! ) of 60 FPS at medium or hardware profile depending on the graphics card , even under high
- high number of unloading points that have been individually designed and accept only certain types of fruit
- Traffic signs to road traffic regulations , including signs to towns and Unloading
- two lakes, a river and several road bridges
- realistic field shapes
- varied relief with flat areas and hillier sections
- three elaborately designed and embedded in the countryside villages
- funny details to be discovered ;-)

Innovations in V2:

- The map has generally become single-player friendly.
- Bugfixes from the version 1
- Pedestrian , AI Traffic and Milk Truck
- car dealer
- Rotating wind turbines
- Visual improvements plans of biogas
- Mist - Mod
- Problems with straw and straw power plant
- MapDoorTrigger to open the roll-up doors and stables
- etc.

In case of problems :

Despite extensive testing, it can always happen that you find errors in the map that we have overlooked .
We would be delighted if you could provide us with this error in our forum Support area , so we can correct this for version 3.0:
http://asl-forum.forumieren.com/t191-losshugelland-4-fach-map-by-as-lewitz # 1069
A registration in the forum is for posting messages is not necessary.
Thank you for your help !

And finally the directions that should be self-evident fact , but are all too often ignored and disregarded :

This map may be found on other sites using only the original download links available for download.

Sorry for the combination of MY english and GoogleTranslate!! :D

<<< AS Lewitz >>>
Manuel & Timber131
Fendt-Trisix & wingi

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