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Lowenstedt v1.5
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Lowenstedt v1.5

Here is my Löwenstedt Map V1.5
The map is based on free work, my thoughts, only the name is real .
You can expect fields of small to large, but does not purchasable sind.Eventuell is the implementation of a V2.
Cows, sheep and chickens are present on the map , pigs now also .
Well the card has :
1 Bga (2 + silage silos mountain and Functioning scale )
2 villages
1 Country Trade
1 ATR trade
1 Molkerrei
1 mill
1 Watermill
1 retailer
1 yard + + cow pasture fertilizer warehouse (cows 2 standart silo silage + Berg)
1 outlet for pigs
Füßgänger and Transport
The card runs on the standard fruit + oats and rye (enough in my opinion )
I recommend you Folgene Mods:
LS 2013: MilkTruckTriggerPlaceable v 1.0 Placeable Items Mod for Farming Simulator 2013
| Modhoster.de (because no milk truck drives )
http://www.modding-welt.com/index.php?pa ... BASEITEM & id = 722 ( multi-fruit )
LS 2013: Milk Trailer Water Trailer v 5.0 Other supporters Mod for Farming Simulator 2013
The CowWaterMod please remove it from the Maps folder , otherwise there could be problems .
Patch 2.0 or higher must be present , since the map and sometimes the objects were created with the new software.
Please unpack the WinRar file , there you will also find a trailer that was also rewritten to fertilizer.
Änderrungen to V1
Textures modified : Grass, Gravel .
Part taken from the 2D trees .
New scales installed at the Bga and the ATR trade.
Swaths something changed.
The fields changed the Grubbertexture against the Saattexture .
Schweinemod + point of sale should come .
Error with the WaterMod Fixed should now run .
Exchanged silo to the cow pasture
Well , there are more who actually has no more to say.
A big thank you also to our team ( modding Welt.com )
Support please only http://www.Modding-Welt.com
The map may be uploaded NOT , new or rebuilt.
The download link http://uploaded.net/file/t7y31d2w is the original link.
Use on other pages only with original link.
No gripe or anything , but only constructive criticism is welcome .
With friendly greetings

Giants U.V.M

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