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Loxstedt Beta v0.1
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Loxstedt Beta v0.1

Welcome to Loxstedt <Most sttraßen are copied.! (Rademoorweg.!)
But unfortunately I can not replicate all of Use.! BACKGROUND: Lack of parts.

Well Yes In the description.!
It Is a Small Scale BGA With The is located at the industrial area.!
There are 3/Abladestellen


There Are Many Features How scales (small fields) Etc.
This is a beta.! if you do good + rated more I build on it is not well rated I let it I just do not have more loss of what to build for you.!
So Now I want you to not ruin fun see for yourself!
Ps: the map is the extent Logfrei There are for me only 2 Logfehler.! IF YOU DO IT THE RIGHT POWER! AND DO NOT UNPACK!
It is prohibited to rebuild the map / and re-upload it is allowed to put the map on other pages for download.! ONLY WITH ORIGINAL LINK OF UPLOARDET.NET
If I have a Lost in the credits please Instant cover letter.! and site Not Report:
Have fun your Deutz009

Hewaaa, Trekkerbodo

  • Kenny
    2014-06-01 10:35
    SCHROTT !!!
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