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LS Upgrade v0.1
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LS Upgrade v0.1

Do you have you also been annoyed: Euere hangers are not large enough, your Drescher recharge too slowly and your tractors is constantly the tank is empty, but you can not afford a bigger / better vehicle or there is simply no bigger?
Here comes the solution ... upgrades!

This mod allows you to upgrade vehicles (see list below), while it is independent of whether it is a mod or a standard vehicle of Giants.
If your sitting in a vehicle can open your LS upgrade shop using the key combination [R] Shift + U. There you can select and buy upgrades the active vehicle and all the coupled devices.
Upgrading a vehicle only works if you sit in this car, this leads to a full compatibility with my MPOwner-Mod, this allows you to complete vehicles, so your only drive one (and upgrade) can.

List of possible upgrades:
Upgrade Description
Capacity Upgrade
Allows you vehicles such as trailers or loading wagons with higher capacity equip.

Grain tank upgrade
The grain tank of your combine is too small ?, here is the solution.

Fuel tank upgrade
Enlarges the fuel tank of each vehicle.

Your harvester takes too long to the grain tank is empty ?, not now.

This very powerful upgrade improves the efficiency of threshers, geupgradete Drescher can deliver the same field a higher yield.

Helper costs
This upgrade reduces your long-term costs for the helper helpers employed on this vehicle.

Fuel consumption
Your tractor is not ecological enough and consumed too much fuel?

Vehicles equipped with this upgrade can refuel quickly, this concerns seeders, fertilizer spreader or sprayer.

Recording optimization
Upgradet vehicles such as loading wagons so that they work more efficiently and provide a higher return on the same area.

There will be other upgrades!
The balancing of costs, cost increase per level, level impact and maximum levels is still not perfect and will in future be improved.
Constructive criticism is welcome!


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