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Mack B Flatbed
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Mack B Flatbed

Hello people I would like to introduce to you the Mack B Flatbed. This is the old truck that you might find in the back forgotten corner of the barn and pulled out to clean up, put a small flatbed onto and start using.
This old truck has no lockdown script on the bed because I designed it as a work horse for towing various things around the farm. It does have the weight script still because with a really heavy load it may tip nose in air.

Credits goes to muddbone for the truck and thanks to him for his permission in releasing it.
Flatbed courtesy of Bobcat70
Editing was done by daking617 with help and encouragement of friends here at Unlimited Modding


  • Guest
    2014-08-24 22:01 Send message
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    hey where did u get that trailer in the second pic the (home trailer)
  • Leigh-james
    2014-08-26 10:53 Send message
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    Hey like this mod but where did u get the home trailer from plz
  • Guest
    2014-08-26 21:03 Send message
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    The mobile home pack can be found on the Unlimited Modding site. http://unlimitedmodding.freeforums.org/um-mobile-home-pack-t242.html
  • Leigh
    2014-08-26 23:34 Send message
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    Thanks for you help I really aprishate it
  • Nathaniel
    2014-08-31 00:13 Send message
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    hey can you send the home trailer mode please. I have been looking for that mode for a long time
  • Dorwart35
    2015-07-22 02:15 Send message
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    I can't get it too start
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