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Map Schermbeck v4.0 Multifruit
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Map Schermbeck v4.0 Multifruit

Hi there,
who now glaibt that this map is completely different as the version 2.0 can omit the finger since.
However, I have tried to bring some of the videos. Unfortunately, this is not entirely possible. I know that Schermbeck dam has no harbor and no BGA has. I also know that the trees are not there in the ranks.
I tried as much as possible to build on!
Is provided that after almost 20 years possible :)
It is now to be loaded in this version also possible pigs I have made changes to the textures.
However, there is a hitch: you have before you even included Starts please insert this map, the Savegame what. Please do not ask why I do not know: (
The IIHR starts with the fleet is intentional. It is when you have the savegame in it (without this the card will start up but you can not move you) until the beet harvester everything in it. There are no field-grown completely.
Very important: Patch 2.0 must be instaled. Rot is from

Geht an alle Modder deren Modelle und texturen ich verwendet hab auf dieser Map

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