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Map v2.0
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Map v2.0

again are now a few days have passed and there is now already the v1.3 of the Map
This time I have not much changed only only few details and you can ride the crap out of the stable in a so-called interim storage (dunghill) There are also dung heap of boxes 18, 20 and between 14-16, a total of three dunghill where the manure can hinkippen and can load from there the manure spreader. (See pictures & video)

Changelog v1.3
Manure piles in the yard as storage sites nuzbar
Dunghill in boxes 18, 20 and between 14-16
Details (street post, mushrooms on a sheep, lanterns, etc.)
Lanterns onto the courtyard with function
Workshop now with light (see pictures)
and much more.

Suitable for SP :: MP:
The LS meeting now Have fun with this Map
For questions and assistance please the forum on www.the-ls-treffpunkt.de

Orginal Map: Giants
Umbau und Anpassung: Mario

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