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Map Wola Lubecka
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Map Wola Lubecka

It is a map that shows the crop village of Lübeck located in Malopolska

This is my one map that I managed to finish and release may not be modified as it is unknown but it has its charm;) so I encourage you to download

map characterizes
- Real area
- A large number of fields (9 to buy)
- A large number of machines
- 8 objects for development
- Sounds interesting
- Hawk flying over the map
- The ability to collect and sell wood in sawmills
- Breeding hens cows sheep
- All Skupy such as the original map

After downloading and unpacking the files from the fashion be returned to the mods, are files of machines at our disposal at the beginning of a career is the same thing we do with the file wola.zip

You can be on other forums provided the main author, the entire description and download link
PROHIBITION: the issue of the edited maps and change the link download

and once again heartily encourage you to explore the map Download
clea nice game;)


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