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MB NG 1632 Abschlepper v1.0
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MB NG 1632 Abschlepper v1.0

Now I want to show you my reconstruction of Scania tow of Turbobandit.de to 1632 MB NG tow.
It has the same functions as the Scania. I have made no further modifications.
Thank Turbobandit.de for the consent contract.
It's not allow the mod somewhere else to upload new.
Also, I do not want it, that the mod can be re-converted.

Urmod und alle Anbauteile von Turbobandit.de

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    bonjourje n"arrive pas a télécharger ce mode ,a chaque il bloque en cours de téléchargement.
  • Ppandj$@money.com
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