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McCormick D430 D439 v3.0
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McCormick D430 D439 v3.0

Fresh from the work-up, there are now these two McComick tractor.
Once the D430 with Klink front loader and the stronger D439.

Both tugs were in Neus between 1956-1962 or 1962-1966 prepared and were very successful models which is supported by their production volumes of approximately 18500 or 17500.

The D430 has 30PS of 2175 cc, the D439 are 39 hp from 2434 cc to side.

Since I myself have experienced in the D430 my first self-kilometer on a tractor,
is me this model of course, particularly at heart. Therefore, these tractors have a small facelift
receive and 1:1 are now practically since I had to disassemble in AC3D.
Since I myself am driven the D430 only with FL console, I have this converted to Hide.
So you must now live!

Since I myself on a tractor learn on the D430 my first self-kilometer Other features:
- New Original Sound
- New Rims
- Baas front loader on the D430 (same design as the recording Deutz D series, Michl2's Farmer 2)
- Front-end loader is to Hide (NB Taste8) (unfortunately the Colli can not easily wipe out)
- Total revision of the tractor in AC3D
- Turn signal conditioning beleuchtungV3.1 by Sven777b
- Brake light
- FL console, FL. Arm, nameplates, exhaust, headlights and the roll bar is fitted loosely so that anyone can create "his" McCormick heart's content.
- Top link fades in at rear hydraulics use
- ESLimiter by Face
- Powershaftattacher by Face
- Operating hours counter by Face
- Animated rear hydraulics by FAce, edit diekuh
- Hiding of the jaw at the couple an implement by model eicher
- Animated steering by model eicher

A thanks to Model corpse and Michl2 for advice, assistance and components (FL FL arm and Tools).
The FL tools are from my last Deutz D30 created by Michl2 and identical with Farmer2 of Michl2. Thus, only one FL Tool Set takes the modfolder.
There are in the DL package both the tractor and the Deutz FL Tool Set.
Thus then did you everything you need together.
Have fun on the tractor
the anso

Wer hats gemacht:
Modell: ansomale, Michl2 (Frontlader und Anbaugeräte)
Textur: ansomale, Michl2
Ingame LS13: ansomale, Modelleicher, Michl2
Skript: modelleicher, fendtfahrer, Michl², Geri-G. JoXXer, sven777b, Face, diekuh
Na ich hoffe das ich alle zusammen bekommen habe...

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