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Meinhof v2.0
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Meinhof v2.0

Hello LS fans welcome at our farm.
The playability of the court was supplemented by some extensions to the single player as well as to facilitate the work of the multi-players.
Important: you should play the V0.1 a new score is required!
After the V 0.1 was created for large appliances such as Case thresher; was built on the site of the former spinning mill in this map, a completely new yard. Thus, a cattle fattening was designed as the main acquisition for this farm. In addition, the fields have been reduced for this purpose or re-created. Thus, the smaller vehicles and equipment blend better with these newly designed environment.
If you have the Ursus add-on, I have a surprise for you.
In order to obtain more meadows to mow, many trees were on the whole area like.
The wool sale is located on the mountain sheep.
Inserted were also
Feed store - Feed Mixing - Water - Grain Silos - pork, and beef cattle - butcher - brewery with attached potato and beet distillery.
Cows near the central courtyard
After buying that appear on the young Pasture.
Several silos were built next to the site of the former golf course. The silos were reduced in volume to also come to condense times. The silage gained BGA you can sell or provide your cattle available in the very small home. To this end, cant silage in the unloading point which is located nearby. These will appear in your feed store. For other fruits, this possibility was installed.
The former golf course is now released for your forestry.
The slaughterhouse was built on the site of the station, ask the right sales approach as a separate pork and beef was essential to meet EU requirements.
The BGA is located here, it is possible your silage, chopped and all the fruits in the feed store or farm silos to store.
Entered fruit here was built between the dugouts near field 4 (country dealer) a fruit triggers, you can refer to your yard again.
6 manure storage areas and four manure basins were distributed over the map. These are close in pig farm 001 fillable.
In the nursery you can buy manure - sell - store - and remove the stored manure.
Everything else you can find out for yourself when you play.
Have fun with it!
We play this farm for some time in the MP and could not identify any serious errors. Visit us something under Continental Europe the player name is Raven. We will open the server from time to time and make it accessible for every fair player. To do this you need these mods:
Ursus add-on and the Titanium Edition.
Forest Mod
My thanks to all who make the objects available to allow such a thing.
Special thanks to Marhu and Dajoun Tunisia for the shares.
Requests and suggestions at any time.
Use only the original link is shared.

Meinen Dank an alle, die Objekte zur Verfügung stellen, um so etwas zu ermöglichen.
Besonderen Dank an Marhu und Dajoun Tunisia für die Freigaben.
Wünsche und Anregungen jederzeit.
Es darf nur der Original Link weitergegeben werden.

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