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Mercedes Benz 220D v1.0 by oldcarfan mr
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Mercedes Benz 220D v1.0 by oldcarfan mr

The Mod I once had downloaded and I found him simply great, unfortunately the topspeed of around 80kmh anything but More realistic !!! So I sat down at the XML and this changed quickly in 160 KMH !!! For those who can not do !!! to otherwise everything stays the same
Speed: 80 to 160kmh
Finish: orange brown
Special: With   Mercedes-Benz / 8   ("Stroke Eight") denotes   Daimler-Benz   their series   W 114   and   W 115th The name comes from the Year 1968 The / 8 at just under two million approximately the same number of copies as all post-war passenger car brand Mercedes (1945-1968) before him.
In addition, the / 8-2011 next to his successor the only car, the VW Beetle or the VW Golf in the German vehicle statistics for a short time was able to push the first place: So with 140,127 units was the / 8 1974, the best-selling vehicle in the West German market. The W 114 / W 115 were built until 1976 and of the 123 series replaced. Meanwhile, the / 8-a popular classic car.

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