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Mercedes Benz 220D v1.2
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Mercedes Benz 220D v1.2

Hi there,
the farmer Benz enters the next round.
After I washed him again, polished and repaired some rust,
I pumped the tires still on and expanded the manual gearbox, which resulted in some crashes.
Now the Merser should be no problem.
Also, a separate authorization with your number plates is possible.
(Since it is left not so good to see in the image above: You must ensure the key combination Ctrl + Z key)
Maybe you post a screenshot with your flag to time to see where the truck so driving through neighborhoods.
Ah yes, the lack of rear quarter window struts I also welded. Forward this model had no factory more.
Now just quickly invited a nice co-driver who insists, however, bring their own music, because you are not satisfied with the radio program.
(For those who do not know a tape recorder: it was in the seventies, which is an mp3 player today, almost)

For Whom the English red color not like they can against the "Stino-beige" in the textures folder itself replace quickly.
Simply rename the "body.dds_Beige" in "body.dds" and the old override.

The matching trailer is now included in the package and in addition to the Multifruits also load two pallets, which is All thing not so easy to handle.

So, now good ride through the villages.
And who can crochet me ne of you pretty Klorolle for the parcel shelf, please let me know:-)

Greeting dampfnudel

Version: 1.2
Adjusted size -
- Original Sound inserted
- Repainted
- Fahtverhalten easily changed
- Equipment, design
Expanded manual transmission -
- Number Plates lua installed

-Mercedes-Benz 220D / 8 (W115) V 1.2
-Einachs-Car trailer

3D Model Author: Lowrider Extreme
Conversion and Ingame: modall
Light Script V3.1.2 of Sven777b
MR reconstruction: John Barleycorn

Modall (Urmodder) wrote:
The created or altered by me models are free for everyone and allowed to without further permission
be modified and re-published. Upload allowed on each side and wish to do so.
For publication all authors listed above must be mentioned.
Commercial use is strictly forbidden.

Lowrider Extreme
John Barleycorn

  • Reinddom
    2016-03-19 19:02
    this one i can't seam to buy this one but yet it seams to have a glitch
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