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MERCEDES MB mp3 lourd caterpillar
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MERCEDES MB mp3 lourd caterpillar

reskin du mod par un skin CAT 

j espere que sa vous plairas


scania poxer /origin v 1.0

getsome 2000 / skin origin CAT

feuvictor reskin caterpillar

  • Paul
    2014-07-13 06:15 Send message
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    Hi,could anyone send me a mod for actros 3340, 3348 for my ETS2 1.9.xx. The sample picture is found at PK Trucks Holland. The 6x4 truck has a higher ground clearance and rear double diff with no wheel wells but only metal mud flapps to the front and rear of the rear diff.The roof is low type and has twin air horns on the left of rooftop and a front visible sump guard and drives from right side.paul,Nrb
  • Guest
    2014-09-09 14:53 Send message
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    je ne mod pas pour ets 2 excuse moi
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