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Mercedes Zetros 1833A Meillerkipper v1.0
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Mercedes Zetros 1833A Meillerkipper v1.0

Love love peasant farmers
Dear builders
Today they presented the workshop manager Modding Workshop ,
Mercedes Zetros 1833A Meillerkipper !
Excellent traction , high transport capacity and robust large-scale technology.
The Zetros has decades of off-road know- how and innovative technology into a modern truck concept for difficult missions away from roads . Many drivers know the benefits of a Hauber still appreciate . Especially in the area , it offers excellent handling characteristics , a comparatively quiet behavior of the cabin and a comfortable entry thanks to the hood concept and its low overall height.
With its uncompromising design as a four-wheel drive , heavy commercial vehicle the Zetros is also to sites in difficult terrain .
With a gross vehicle weight of 18 t for 2- axle and 3-axle 27 t when it is particularly suitable as a supply and support vehicle . Whether equipped with crane and trailer or other An-/Aufbauvariante , the Zetros team brings materials, equipment and quickly and safely to your site.
And this fine specimen they only get today for a mere
€ 110,000
Also the maintenance costs are very low only 32 € a day
And if you buy now to get the broom to sweep the loading area for free !
And now the most important
It is not permitted to rebuild Zetros in any form or completely skin , and to spread this . It is also not permitted to upload this new unchanged .
Requests through shares are completely negated. There will be no release
Licenza Creative Commons
" Mercedes Zetros " LS13 by workshop manager Modding Workshop is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale - Non opere derivatives 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license 'may be available at the workshop manager Modding Workshop .

Modell: Werkstattleiter / Int. SCS
Textur: Werkstattleiter
Ingame: Werkstattleiter / Harry der Modder
Scripts: Sven777b / Alex2009 / Modelleicher

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