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MGS 300 Sapphire AO v1.1
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MGS 300 Sapphire AO v1.1

Moin Moin
We modding MDW want you here to introduce the sapphire MGS 300 silage shield and ask to download!
This mod may be provided on all sides with the ORIGINAL LINK for Dl!
The silos Child costs ingame 2599 LS euros.
It has a capacity of 7500 liters!
We wish you much fun with it.
A big thanks goes to fin050808 for permission to build on its Moddesc and xml!
MfG Modding MDW


  • Modding mdw
    2013-12-05 13:59
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    It's not the real DL link! Delete! The BGA too!
  • Admin
    2013-12-05 14:15
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    I add original download link. ;)
  • Drakomis
    2019-01-13 01:54
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    You didn't add shit.
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