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MIG Map Made in Germany Celle Region v0.89 Beta
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MIG Map Made in Germany Celle Region v0.89 Beta

Update: 18.10.2014 23.57Uhr V0.89 Beta
Inhaltsverzeichniss (Bitte kurz lesen!):

1: Preface
2: Story
3: Integrated map Machines
4 : Keyboard Layout
5: Technical Specifications and Feature List
6: Additional download files , fields list , Save Games and Tutorials
7 : Content other versions
8: Known Bugs
9: Recommended Mods
10: WIP project thread , your feedback and Fehlermelungen
11 Modding
12 : Problems with old savegames
13: update history
1: Preface
January 2013 Another ending story on my part ... After over a year of construction and several hundred hours I've sunk into the project , I can 04/ 2013 rich with joy the beta version of my MIG Map MadeInGermany Region Celle you today. 1600 acres of floor space , with over 700 hectares of arable land spread over 120 fields are available for purchase for just under € 30 million ready .
In January 2012, I had begun to digitize my home with appropriate templates from Google Earth. From now on you can test and sometimes give feedback tidy the map ...
Meanwhile, I've determined almost every square meter seen three times :) and because I know the reality here I am somewhat dissatisfied , because I get it so often not implemented as it is in reality. Sure you will all be so noticeable because the area is not here you do not know , so you have to believe in it and now beta testing , because the project will still be here as my other never finished and there will be a bunch of other versions .
I tried to make the map as performant as possible. Therefore, there is no Collis and no Huge 3D forests.

2: Story
Unfortunately, Bauer Hansen passed away ...
You have now successfully manage court further object Hansen . At the beginning you get Hansen's average fleet , buildings, and a few animals . You are about 20 fields (the same who operates the farm in real terms) . The aim is to run the business successfully and to acquire all lands and buildings valued at ~ 35 million euros
Then I wish you lots of fun times on the Map!

3: Integrated map Machines
- Claas Mega 218 Drescher
- Fox slurry tanker with various distributors

4 : Keyboard Layout
Time Fast Forward :
Accelerate in the first-person -time key R

5: Technical Specifications and Feature Lis
Construction LS11 +13 500 hours see ( W.I.P )
Real replica via Google Earth
1600 hectares of total ~ 700 Hecktar arable land
VRam ~ 351MB
MAP I3D 5.3 MB
Zip incl Mods ~ 180MB

Function list ( is a demand for the all the mods from the pack in modfolder lie )
- Sold at: mill, mill FSM , country store , beet factory, butcher
- Dynamic prices outlets vary between 50 and 150 %
- Outdoor manure manure interim storage
- Weed Weed mod , must specially be destroyed with herbicides and is still growing . You can also fertilize only still growing, a fruit is grown, is no longer possible fertilization .
- Green manure clover and alfalfa, when one plows the field or Grub Bert is fertilized the field . Has grown three times faster than regular types of fruit and the seed is very cheap .
- Multifarmsilo , ideal for multiplayer. With them you have at Farm4 and Farm5 own levels for your fruit varieties , so each player has his own camp .
- Periods of growth only at night
- Time acceleration possible with Ctrl + R ( 12.000x )
- No Wither
- Purchasable objects such as BGA, farm , warehouse
- Ball Hall -to-operate with crane
- Biogas plant 3 in 1 With three driving - and two wedge silos as well as a gas station and Bale shredders
- Cattle fattening can be grown and sold at the butcher
- Pigs can be bred and sold in the butcher
- Feed mixers Farm1 where you can process all the fruit to feed
- Food storage Farm1 for storage of hay, straw , grass , silage, fodder
- New Global odometer for all vehicles on the bottom left Hud (Odometer)
- Compass with all vehicles top right of the clock helps with alignment helper
- Slurry, manure , lime Mod can also be fertilized meadows with varying income
- Gas Station
- Waterworks , where you can buy water

6: Additional download files , fields list , Save Games and Tutorials
- A field list with price and acres in Office format ( enclosed)
- A PDA screen with assignment of the building (included)
- Changelog v0.88 (included)

7: The plan for the next versions
- " All " textures still be changed , of objects and fruits etc.
- Reliable building and complete villages
- More 3D trees , hedges . Details for Panoram
- Remove signage
- Real beekeeping in the village 4
- Real Nursery
- Wood ForstMod
- Mist interim storage
- Everything else will give it to good functions ..
Expand Purchasable personal objects function on -

8: Known also optical errors V0.88
This is a beta , so there is no "guarantee" for cross-version working savegames . Compatibility issues with other mods are also not excluded.
- Cattle fattening defective gates
- Zuhammer Contest trigger Farm1 defective
- Pigs and cattle fattening feed problems
- Currently possible to harvest Green Getreideschwad only with crown Pickup Titanium Addon
- There may be complications with MR mods come if they are also in the mod folder
- Mapviewer and Play Course can bite
- All other maps with multi-fruit take out because the Mig - Map has reached the recommended mods the maximum number of installable fruit. In the log then is the following error : Error : too many Fillable.registerFillType fill types . Only 64 fill types are supported .
- Straw bales are difficult to intersperse ( See picture)
- You have an update after the map in your existing save game Grass in new buildings or the roads are still too wide ? Problem is , the grass is stored in your savegame file where the grain is so in it. If I change something in the grass on the map, you can see only when you start a completely new game . There are Möflichkeit to take over the " recent Grass" in your savegame , but to her requires certain end levels in dealing with the GRLE converter and an image editing program . Here, you would then delete everything in the Grass old savegame and copy over from the most recent Map the Grass. A more detailed instructions, I 'm going to write ...
- zzz_odometer.zip times remove if vehicles are missing after the start.
- Zuhammer Contest in conjunction with zzz.multisprayer.zip can cause problems in MP Sever games.
- Pigsty is to lease has been at the dung plate an invisible Colli.

A little tip for bad errors ingame :
Modfolder empty and only the mods from the pack clean. Then delete the inputBinding.xml and then the shader cache folder , the two of them re-create at game start . Lying in the same folder as your modfolder . For this purpose, please start a new game , not a savegame.
If you still have problems then available, please log example Upload http://www.file-upload.net/  here and then post the error collection in the WIP area.

9: Recommended and accompanying mods
In the Map Packet is in the mods folder, create a text file in the mods is described which meet from the pack which function. http://www.file-upload.net/download-8599144/Mod-Beschreibung-.txt.html

Optional Mods:
Placeable Heaps * Modhoster * http://www.modhoster.de/mods/platzierbare-haufen--3
Course Play * Modhoster * http://www.modhoster.de/projects/courseplay
MapHoseRefStation Eifok * Team * thus Contest Zuhammer works
DustWheels Eifok * Team * thus Contest Zuhammer works
Real Lights * Team * Eifok thus Contest Zuhammer works

10: WIP project thread , your feedback and Fehlermelungen
" There is the complete ending story "
In the logbook entry " error collection " you can write something even notice . Please not in the comment section discussing issue here .

11: Modding :
- One should , if necessary, adjust the fuel consumption of the machines on the map. As a rough template we have missed the Fendt 936 following xml entry . <fuelUsage> 0.0018 </ fuelUsage >
12 : Problems with old savegames :
- Your savegames should continue to run, but is possible that your silage silos and manure silos are empty because I have changed this . Before you but big rumtestet , simply start times modfolder empty , purely just pack the mods from the package and a new game. When it is not, it is not probably the savegame , usually there are other maps or mods MR trigger conflicts .
- As of v0.88 you should in your savegame folder delete the following files :
tree.grle to delete all files xxxgrowthState.xml , shortGrass_weight and cultivatordensity.grle .

There you have the current fields , growth times and there are no trees in certain halls.
With a few tricks you can but your savegame data and statistics always save and take over . However, the description sets certain basic knowledge ahead , and is extremely helpful, eg the program Notepade + + for a better overview.
The 3 with the most relevant files in the savegame folder are careerSavegame.xml / economy.xml / vehicles.xml , all important settings are virtually present.
- Career savegame : Here you can in the second line as some adjust like Money / money and much more , statistics, game time , etc., since Google will certainly help you, what meaning . Among her finds your Farmsilo levels , you can even loose 50,000 pure cheat in wheat ;) Manure and liquidManure have to my knowledge no longer function in LS13 since these values are now in the vehicles.xml .
- Economy.xml : Here, for example, stored under the line <fieldOwnage> your field possessions at the end of each field line can be "false " to "true " position , so yours is the field after the game starts.
- Vehicles.xml : Here all your machines , including statistics are stored as hour meter , fuel consumption , etc., and also the Silofüllstände are stored here. If you've something has dealt with it, it is a lightweight its machines from a savegame to the other to transmit, as it bothers me personally if you always lose its miles and hours of operation.
Then there's the fruit_density.grle , here all your fruit varieties are saved , the file can be converted by GRLE Converter in one . Png and replant with an image editing program quickly fields . The same also applies to the cultivator_density.grle , here your plow, cultivator, saturated textures are stored , so where what is on which field .
You can also use the map , unzip, then copy the fruit_density.grle from your savegame in the MAP01 folder of the unpacked map and overwrite the existing file , then hull lances at will in Giants editor , then save and fruit_density.grle back out of the folder in MAP01 your savegame folder pack .

07.02.2014 v0.88 SAVE GAME CRASH There is at least LS Patch 2.0 is required!
Saves before the installation of the v0.88 from your old map and the savegame .
It may be that the savegames do not work anymore with the updates . Man , this
But save , you have to go to the Vehicle.xml and everything after the last
</ vehicle > entry to the last line </ careerVehicles > Delete .
Thus, although all silo and livestock are deleted, but the map should now run .
After starting one time save and theoretically you can get your old levels
etc. transferred from your backup. You should only advance a little tip in silos yours, so you know which section in the XML for example, the middle Bga silo .
You can also delete your vehicle completely , only then all machines are gone.

13: Update History:
Here is my latest version of LS13 Map. Not much is happening currently something I'm missing the time.
You can now:
"Herbicide Weed and GülleMistKalk Mod"
"SoilMod incl. Weeds, manure, manure, lime" play.
Please put only the mods from the soil or the herbicides Mod in the modfolder. Both together in modfolder "may perhaps" cause problems. MR should basically work with all other mods. Time to MP test etc I had not, hope it goes;)
Changelog 18.10.2014 v0.89 Beta RELEASED
- Map MR ready   
- ForstMod ready
- HerbicideMod ready
- SoilMod ready "growth time 5 days"
- Forstbuildings and Textur "near BGA"                     
- Gras Schwad etwas höher eingestellt
- Optional desired WMS endorsed both of these mods :
* MoreRealistic Engine (alternative Spielphysik uvm)
* ForstMod

Vegetation Mods
* Guelle Mist Kalk Mod
* Herbicide Unkraut Mod
* SoilMod incl. Unkraut, Gülle, Mist, Kalk, Bodenattribute

- Patch 2.1 is required http://www.farming-simulator.com/updates.php?patch_2_0

Have fun with the map and let's let it fly feedback , reviews, videos, pictures etc. here

Map Neubau
by Bullgore www.modhoster.de

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