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MilkFarm v2 MP
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MilkFarm v2 MP

Hello everyone,

Here is for all of you the MilkFarm V2 Its not a very large map so you can play good in singleplayer.
But it is big enough to play it in Multiplayer. You will find nice surroundings in the map.

Follow us:

Website: http://www.ls-nextgeneration.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LSNextGeneation
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lsgeneration

Whats new in V2;

Manure & Lime mod added
New Textures
New Trees
New PDA Map
New Waterplane
Fields are numbered
Icons added on PDA

Extra Information.

You can sell Eggs and Wool add the Country Trade.
You can buy Lime and Fertilizer at the Country Trade.
You can load Fertilizer and Seeds at the Farm.
You can sell the milk at the Country Trade
Start vehicles are at the Vehicle Shop

What can you find in the map;

2 Farms
A village
33 Fields


Barley, Wheat, Canola, Mais, Potatoes, Sugar beets.

Extra Mods,

Mapdoortrigger (http://www.vertexdezign.de/wsif/index.php/Entry/87-mapDoorTrigger/?s=fbaac44dd66e06b457a49eb974169e8aa1fdd3e0#files)
You do need to download the Gülle Mist Kalk Mod manually ; 
Gülle Mist Kalk Mod (http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=29)

I would like to thank al the modders for using their objects, buildings, textures.. 
I hope i do not forget someone in my credits, if i forgot you i am sorry but thanks that i can use it

Map by: Mike
Windmill by Manuel
Landhandel by Eifok Team

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