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Missouri USA Final FIXED!
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Missouri USA Final FIXED!

This is the Refined Missouri USA Final Map!


A lot has gone into this map and a lot has been fixed.
Map was tested with over 300 mods in the mod folder for conflicts no errors in the log file.
I tried my best to get alfalfa and clover to regrow automatically but something just won't let it happen. I haven't tried to replant and see if it works but it should.

All files that are needed are to run the map with default vehicles are in this zip file! You need up unzip this file and put each zip in your mod folder!
Back Up your existing zips of these mods as these mods are different will break multilayer!

This map no longer needs extra add-ons or placeables for pig or cattle if you have that from the old map delete it it's useless.

The map has:

Pigs/Cattle/Horses (All have prices and changing demands)


Corn < Not Default but HD V2 bale able!

Plus all standard fruits.

MultiMowing is included in this cause it helps with the alfalfa and clover! If you don't want to use it then you need to find a harvester or wind rower edit for it!

I tried my best to clean things up everything works from sell points to growth/cultivation/sowing and fertilization.

The Manure Slurry and Kalk mod latest is installed on the map also Included in this zip file.

I wish you much fun with this map. Not much more to add it has most everything you will want!

Credits to AEM JB3PC4SALE KJ983100 and slopoke for the awesome base map and layout.
Also to all molders and molders that make this a fun hobby and there work!


  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-22 11:33
    So what's the verdict?Any better than the last version....Are the fields fixed? I know the last version ... the fields were screwed up and when you bought a field you could only use certain parts of it due to the rest still being not owned =)
  • Jerry
    2014-05-22 19:06
    From this comment "I haven't tried to replant and see if it works but it should." I'd have to say this map did not get a proper test so as far as field bugs.. your guess is as good as the next guy's.
  • Guest
    2014-05-23 03:08
    getting error'sError: Can't load resource: C:/Users/User/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/Missouri_USA_Final/huds/milletHud.dds
  • Guest
    2014-05-23 03:09
    And thesePhysics: Add trigger callback failed, object TriggerV2_dontMove is not a physics triggerPhysics: Add trigger callback failed, object TriggerV2_dontMove is not a physics triggerPhysics: Add trigger callback failed, object TriggerV2_dontMove is not a physics trigger
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-23 08:03
    Guess I won't be downloading that then ... thanks for the heads up =)
  • Protskrog
    2014-05-23 08:42
    map better thanks but we need a harvester for clover and alfalfa peanuts want to seed all the fruits don't have harvester please help
  • Ranger
    2014-05-23 18:32
    da wird eine Map rein gestellt aber man kann sie nicht laden egal wie oft man es versucht bitte überprüft das mal
  • Jesse
    2014-05-23 20:22
    What harvesters do you reprimand for this map because I can not harvest the sun flowers and I am getting very hanger. I really like this map but if I can not harvest I will heft to get a know map. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-24 07:18
    Jesse .... the John Deere 9770STS combines I re-worked harvest the following...1 -Wheat2 - Barley3 - Canola4 - Corn5 - Soybeans6 - Sunflowers7 - Sorghum/Millet8- Oat9- Rye10 - GreenWheat11 - Triticale12 - Dinkel13 - Rice14 - Hemp15 - Poppy16 - PeasDownload V3.0 .... you should be able to harvest just about everything with matching and considering how this a large map ... the size of
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-24 07:48
    Protskrog ... did you install the MultiMowing mod (ZZZ_multiMowing.zip)?This should allow you to mow just about anything in the game hence you don't need edited mods to work with Clover or Alfalfa ... just saying.
  • Guest
    2014-05-25 04:14
    My crops are not growing, nether is my grass regrowing. It has been over 4 days now. Any suggestions or tips?
  • Guest
    2014-05-25 09:43
    I just wanted to add that besides the problem of my crops and grass not growing, I absolutely love this map. Just wish I could get it to work.
  • Chet
    2014-05-25 18:30
    its called regrowth time.....think about it.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Guest
    2014-05-25 20:46
    Chet I had crops growing for over a week with no sign of growth.
  • Protskrog
    2014-05-25 21:31
    growth time is very long but there is n mod fastermod just download it and try it work very fast
  • Protskrog
    2014-05-25 21:38
    Realdairyfarmer I forgot to thank you for your English farm pretty sweet if I download a sweet map not English german now we wait for your new farm hope this is not the end
  • Kx250f
    2014-05-26 04:41
    How long does it take for the crops to grow?????
  • Guest
    2014-05-26 17:30
    KX25OF the crops started growing for me after over a week I believe it was. Extremely long grow time. I found this out by using this mod Acceleration Time. It speeds up time to x1200 http://www.modhoster.com/mods/zeitbeschleunigung Excellent excellent map, my favorite ever. Just think the growth times are too long.
  • Kx250f
    2014-05-26 19:09
    Thanks the time mod really helped.
  • Guest
    2014-05-27 05:45
    No problem!
  • Guest
    2014-05-27 09:41
    Can any kind soul point me in the direction of something that will pick up the multi fruit windrows featured in the map? Thanks for any help.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 12:13
    As promised ... checkout pics #6 & #7 .... combining Blackeye Peas and Peanuts with matching particles, fillPlanes, etc. =)These will be released sometime during the during the week ... still testing and working on the Grimme Maxtron 620. The John Deere 9770STS has only Blackeye Peas added to it for this map only.As for the Grimme Maxtron 620 Multifruit ... it now has Peanuts, Blackeye Peas, and soon it will also feature Cotton.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 12:17
    If anyone is editing mods for this map .... here's a helpful tip."blackeyePea" ... this is what the map expects for the FruitType syntax =)This one tripped me up for a little while.Wish map makers would list these .... would save time by not having to search through the map i3D file.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 12:48
    To add multiFruit windrows is really simple.Just add the following to your fruittype syntax in the mods xml file.cover_windrowalfalfa_windrowetc....Also make sure to choice in the xml file how you want this xxxx_windrow to be treated .... straw or hay bales.If you want a mod edited ... let me know and I'll post one for you =)
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 13:20
    PROTSKROG .... I'm a mod editor/tinkerer ... not a map maker =)
  • Guest
    2014-05-27 18:03
    Thank you very much RealDairyFarmer.
  • Guest
    2014-05-27 20:58
    RealDairyFarmer can I pick your brain for two more questions. I got my forager to pick up the multi crops no problem thanks to your great help, is it the same process to add multi crops to tippers and trailers? Also now that I have over 13 million units of oat windrow what do I do with it? I have not found a place to store it, or the other windrows. I can sell it, or lay it down at the bunker silo, but that is all I have found so far. Thanks again for your help.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 22:26
    Hmmm ... lets see...Tippers are a little different ... depends on how realistic you want them.You can add the additional FruitTypes to the tippers but a few additional things need to be added like fillPlanes & discharge particles.Technically, you can copy & paste similar fillPlanes/discharge particles from existing crops if you don't to get to involved.For example ... oats & rye ... somewhat similar to wheat/barley in appearance right.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 22:35
    Ex.fillPlane type="wheat" node index="0>3|0|3|0" key time="0" y="0" scale="1 0.01 1" key time="1" y="0.04" scale="1 1 1" node node index="0>3|0|2|0" key time="0" y="0" scale="1 0.01 1" key time="1" y="0.04" scale="1 1 1" node node index="0>3|0|2|1" key time="0" y="0" scale="1 0.01 1" key time="1" y="0.04" scale="1 1 1"
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 22:37
    Ex.fillPlane type="oat" node index="0>3|0|3|0" key time="0" y="0" scale="1 0.01 1" key time="1" y="0.04" scale="1 1 1" node node index="0>3|0|2|0" key time="0" y="0" scale="1 0.01 1" key time="1" y="0.04" scale="1 1 1" node node index="0>3|0|2|1" key time="0" y="0" scale="1 0.01 1" key time="1" y="0.04" scale="1 1 1"
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 22:44
    Notice in the second example that the only thing that's change is the ... fillPlane type="oat" ... which means when your filling your tipper (in this example a Krone Emsland) ... it will use the existing wheat fillPlane for Oats =)You could substitute Rape (Canola) for Sunflowers and so on. This is the easiest method.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 22:53
    Adding new fillPlanes is a little more complicated ... involves editing the i3D file in notepad ... adding new objects using the Giants editor (you don't have to use it ... you can work solely using Notepad though). Photoshopping (from scratch) or borrowing diffuse & particle.dds files from other mods. You'll need a program that can convert PNG files to DXT5 dds."fileIds" referencing textures (dds files) .... "materialIds" referencing "fileIds" ... its a little messy to say the le
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 22:55
    Creating new node index's for example (take the code above for the Krone Emsland) ...- node index="0>3|0|3|0" = Wheat/Barley- node index="0>3|0|3|1" = Corn- node index="0>3|0|3|2" = Canola (Rape)- node index="0>3|0|3|3" = ChaffIt took me a while to learn what was actually going on ... about a week of tinkering to sort it all out. If you want to learn ... I'll be happy to help you ... more help is always welcome =)
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 23:03
    Not sure where you store it ... I just started testing with map last night so I'm not sure where everything is located just yet.If you in a pinch I suggest downloading the Alternative Tipping mod .... in the XML file "AlternativeTipTrigger.xml"This will allow you to store your crops on the ground if map maker forgot to allow for storage or you just haven't found it yet =)
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 23:05
    Open "AlternativeTipTrigger.xml" in notepad ... and copy this line of code ...plane type="wheat_windrow" index="0|0|12"Now re-paste and edit it to this ...plane type="oat_windrow" index="0|0|12"Now you can dump (Left Crtl + Q) and store your oat_windrow on the ground (default is 100,000L)
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 23:10
    Open "Trigger.i3D" in notepad ... and find this line of code near the bottom ...Attribute name="capacity" type="integer" value="100000"Alter this line's value to say to what every value you need it to be ... in your case ... 5,000,000 should be enough ... 3 piles of oat_windrow.Just be aware that you will either need a frontLoader, telehandler, conveyor belt, etc. that is edited to re-load whatever crop you've placed on the ground.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-27 23:24
    Before I forget ... my Tipper pack that fully supports Long Castle, Missouri USA, and many more which are nearing completion so if you don't mind a little wait ... you'll soon be able to haul just about anything =)Remember the Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit and how it wouldn't harvest sugarBeet without topping it first ... I know that was sort of a minor complaint ... so I fixed it ... woohoo right?
  • Guest
    2014-05-28 00:18
    Hey thank you very much. The John Deere Harvester you reworked is a great addition. Really nice piece of equipment. Thanks for all the detailed explanations. I really look forward to your tipper pack. By the way I dont know why it has posted my messages here as Guest when I am signed in. My name here is GREENSCAG. Thanks again for all your help.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-28 03:33
    Your welcome =)
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-28 04:07
    Map (review) ... fields seem to be fixed since you own all fields from the get go which is nice.Only con so far is the growth times ... wow ... are they long! Shorter growth times ... withering turned off would be better option in my opinion.Map is basically unplayable without the FastForward mod.Can't wait to try out features of map even more if I ever get the time .... big improvement over the last version. Hats off to the person(s) who stuck with it and f
  • Guest
    2014-05-28 05:28
    I am sure you know RealDairyFarmer , but you can tinker with the growth times pretty easy. Took me about 10 mins to research and do. Though of course I am not suggestion someone modify and publish the authors work, but I see nothing wrong with tweaking the settings for personal use.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-28 12:44
    GrowthStateTime ....yeah ... I actually didn't know believe it or not =)I'm not a map person .... know very little about them .... I'm a quick leaner though so I guess I'll have to try an play around with that a bit. Anything would be an improvement over 18 days for cotton to grow!Has anyone else noticed that when you try to cultivate/plant over harvested Blackeye peas .... ground won't switch to cultivated state?
  • Guest
    2014-05-28 17:48
    I have run into that problem with alfalfa trying to plant it over a old sugar beet field. Was in the middle of cultivating it last night the long way to before I went to bed.
  • Guest
    2014-05-28 17:50
    Also if you open up the Missouri maps .i3d file in NotePad ++ or just NotePad and look for these lines of text "growthStateTime=" you can edit the value that comes after them. I just edited the main growth times that were longer by going up to the menu of NotePad++ and doing a search and replace all. Put the longer value in , it was 4 something, and replaced it with default growth time of 2.4e+007
  • Guest
    2014-05-28 17:52
    I also noticed the growth states were set to 7 or lower for the crops, and I believe that means withering is off.
  • Protskrog
    2014-05-29 16:22
    thanks for the new harvesters Realdairyfarmer
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-29 22:39
    Your welcome =)Let me ask your opinion on something ... the chopper/straw particles from the 9770sts ... do you think their to bright in color?Only reason I'm asking is that I forgot to dump to finalized dds files into the combine's particlesystem folder ... oops!If everyone's ok with it as is ... I'lll leave it as is .... if not .... I'll post a small update fix with only this files to drag-n-drop to make the change.
  • Protskrog
    2014-05-29 23:19
    ok ill check out for it can you add potoas in the Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-30 04:48
    Adding potatoes to the Grimme Maxtron 620 MultiFruit is beyond my skill level.Sounds simple but here's the problem with that ... the FruitPreparer specialization (what tops crop before harvesting) only functions with either sugarBeet or potato ... not both ... if you list both it will cause the specialization to not function at all.That's what was causing the issue with harvesting sugarBeets before I realized what was causing the problem.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-30 04:57
    Only way I can add potatoes is if someone writes a script that would toggle the FruitPreparer Type between sugarBeet and potato.I'm not a script writer so .... it's beyond my skill level.
  • Guest
    2014-05-30 09:25
    RealDairyFarmer another modder got around that issue by doing just that. Only problem with his mod is when you have more than one running and you change the head on one, it screws up the other ones.
  • Protskrog
    2014-05-30 23:58
    thanks for the new update on the johndeere 9770sts can you add clover and alfalfa as well I want to use it in andres big map 1.4 I like to harvest that fruit
  • Unit2981
    2014-05-31 03:24
    The mapsiloband has an errorC:/Users/(redacted)/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2013/mods/Missouri_USA_Final/map/scripte/MapSiloBand.lua(113) : attempt to index field 'Band' (a nil value)Error: LUA running function 'update'
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-05-31 20:11
    PROTSKROG .... what exactly do you need equipment wise for alfalfa & clover?I converted the two in-game krone balers ... square and round already .... just haven't uploaded them yet.Would a loading wagon be enough or are you wanting a field chopper?
  • Protskrog
    2014-05-31 23:03
    Realdairyfarmer can you tell me what trailer can I use for peanuts blackeyepea and sundagrass
  • Guest
    2014-05-31 23:21
    Have you guys figured out what you are supposed to do with the multi fruit windrows? There is storage space for alfalfa, and corn husks. So far I have picked up lots of corn husks windrows and stored them, but I do not know what to do with them yet. The computer lists storage space for other multifruit windrows, but I have yet to find a drop off point for them.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-01 08:14
    MultiFruit windows ... easy ... round or square bale them for straw (what I do ... cotton_windrow makes lots of bales!)You can also sell it =)Other than baling it's sort of useless unless the map maker creates an actual purpose for it.This map is fun to play and better than the previous version but it's still in need of a lot of fixes =)
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-01 08:20
    PROTSKROG .... http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2013-mods/krampe-bs900-multifruit-beta-sample/It's one of the 4 trailers in a pack I'm working on ... supports Missouri USA.Here's the file update version (you need the above version before you can use this) ....http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2013-mods/krampe-bs900-multifruit-beta-sample-v1-1/
  • Protskrog
    2014-06-01 08:35
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-01 19:56
    Was testing multiWindrow balers last night .... holy cow does alfalfa yield a lot!Haven't gotten to clover just yet .... hopefully it's a little more realistic.Never seen anything cause that many squares bales =)
  • Guest
    2014-06-02 05:51
    @RealDairyFarmerCan you link us up with the multifruit balers once you are done editing and testing? I am ready to give this map a go, looks like a lot of fun. Thanks!
  • Realdairyfamer
    2014-06-02 12:25
    There uploaded ....http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2013-mods/krone-multi-windrow-pack-v1-0/
  • Realdairyfamer
    2014-06-02 12:32
    Was testing a John Deere windrower mod ( not mine ) ... has issues ... anyway I finally tried clover out on this map. It's horrible! Yields are realistic but once it's cut it flickers and flashes .... extremely annoying.Grass or alfalfa are ok but avoid clover like the plague ... it has issues.
  • Farmerguy36
    2014-06-05 02:45
    Realdairyfarmer, how did you transport the alfalfa bales to the main farm, since the loaders are not compatible with alfalfa bales?
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-05 12:05
    I just used the in-game Arcusin AutoStack loading wagon.. As far as I know (I could be mistaken) ... the game only sees round vs. square and hay vs. straw .... that's the only types that I'm aware of once it goes through a baler.Personally, I like using the BigTex AutoStack trailer ... 96 bales (BigPack sq. bales) at a time sure saves a ton of time .... then I use the Arcusin to re-stack it neatly near the cattle barn =)
  • Farmerguy36
    2014-06-05 17:31
    Alright thanks, I will look into bale stacker mods. Also, when you buy horses, where do they go? I guess the better way to put it, where is the horse stable located at? I can't find it for the life of me.
  • Guest
    2014-06-05 18:13
    So do this map truly work or am I wasting my time downloading it?
  • Farmerguy36
    2014-06-05 21:09
    Nevermind, found the horse stable. Now the question is, who had a horse trailer mod to take them to the auction?
  • Isaacd45
    2014-06-06 02:33
    RealDairyFarmer, one last request for you- do you have a tipper that is compatible with sudangrass? I cant seem to find one.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-06 04:11
    Isaacd45 ... I just release this .... it supports all crops and such on Missouri and then some ...http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2013-mods/krampe-bs900-multifruit-pack-v1-0/Its also being updated ... to fix some minor issues.If you do find anyone issues with it ... let me know ... with the help from the users ... we can work the bugs out much faster.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-06 04:15
    Farmerguy36 ... try this ... it supports horses (I haven't used it myself but there aren't really a lot of horse trailers for this game so your choices are limited)....http://www.mods-download.com/farming-simulator-2013-mods/livestock-trailer-v-1-1/
  • Isaacd45
    2014-06-06 20:00
    Thanks Realdairyfarmer, they all work. It even connects to the chaff harvester, which very few tippers do for some reason. This tipper pack saved me a lot of time, and now the Missouri Map is fully functional for me, thanks again!
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-07 08:48
    No problem ... glad I could help =)
  • Guest
    2014-06-07 16:53
    Is there a place where you can buy lime on this map? I know one of the earlier versions had it in the description.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-06-12 02:17
    I've looked around the map ... and haven't found any place.Looks like you'll need a placeable Kalk&Fertilizer; mod for that.
  • Guest
    2014-06-28 18:39
    I changed the growthrate to 2.4e+007 and that didn't help. This map has problems with the fields or something.
  • Name
    2014-07-23 06:03
    So where does a guy use lime? in a fertilizer?
  • Name
    2014-07-23 06:04
    Anyway to get cotton windrow and oat windrow out of the silo located on the farm?
  • Kevin
    2014-07-23 17:40
    anyway to hire workers to mow, and collect windows or make bales?
  • Matt
    2014-07-23 20:33
    I have a question- how do you get the lime into the lime storage shed? The trigger does not allow me to fill my tipper with it, even though it is compatible with fertilizer and lime.
  • Kevin
    2014-07-24 14:43
    Matt,Ya, I've been trying to figure out the lime thing as well, if you figure it out, let us know
  • Matt
    2014-07-24 16:19
    I have been trying everything Kevin, I really think the only thing you can do is load it directly into a lime spreader and go. I have multiple threads up on multiple sites about, so we will see.
  • Kevin
    2014-07-26 06:05
    Any idea where you can rid of Maize windrow? I can bale it and sell it, but collecting maize windrow, i can store it at the farm, but can get sell it or use anywhere
  • Matt
    2014-07-27 05:25
    I don't think you can sell it just in the form of windrow, you have to bale it. Try collecting some of it then drive up to the bale shredder and see if it accepts it. If not, there is no reason to collect the maize windrow, you should just bale it for straw bales for cattle, hogs, etc.
  • Kevin
    2014-07-28 15:47
    Yep, all you can do is bale it and sell it. Still trying to figure out how to get windrow out of the silos on the farm, have cotton and oat windrow in there and cant get it out. at the horse farm, there are two storage pens, thought they might have been for silage, but can put anything in there, manure maybe??? but i collect manure from the auger located on the side of the barn, still experimenting
  • Matt
    2014-07-28 16:57
    I never experimented much over at the horse stables when I did play this map (I have since moved on) since it was so far away from the main farm. So I can not help you as far as what is located where at the stables. If I had to guess it is to make silage, but I could be dead wrong.
  • Matt
    2014-07-31 03:54
    I picked back up on this map, I feel no other map compares to it as far as my standards go. The silage pits and animal zones are not 10 miles away from the main farm like 97% of the maps out there, and the field sizes are just right, unlike every map I have tried (too small or too big). There is something about it that keeps me coming back for more.
  • Guest
    2014-10-15 01:16
    When I change the grow speed to 2.4e+007 nothing changes. I also installed the fast mod but it doesn't work either. Can someone give me a hand?
  • Colt
    2015-06-09 18:49
    what farm sim
  • Danas
    2015-07-22 22:59
    Well, it has been a adventure just trying to get this map up and running on my game. I might add, (IT STILL ISNT UP AND RUNNING!) DOWNLOADING A MOD SHOULD NEVER BE THIS DIFFACULT EVER!.
  • Danas
    2015-07-22 23:02
    I would really like to play it, but you are going to have to email me a complete step by step instructions on how to do that. (MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD EACH FILE TO MODS DONT WORK VERY WELL)
  • Danas
    2015-07-22 23:05
    I contacted someone who knows a lot about mods on games and they cant figure out this. I hope you will be able to help some how
  • Bill
    2015-10-17 03:21
    well unfortunally can't agree that map is fixed cause just trying to walk doesn't work, when pushing w to walk you move, but as soon as you let go then you can't move anymore, you have to do cntrl alt dele combo to just close the map out which doesn't save map.
  • Donnie
    2015-12-16 16:44
    needs mixfeeder traffic more buildings stock sales sawmill forestry then it be a great great map add tall silos to
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