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Modern American Farming Map v1.0
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Modern American Farming Map v1.0

This is the first map I've ever released for download and hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did making it.
Most everything you'll need to know is in the briefing so you can refer to that if you need help finding anything.
There were no errors in testing and the log is clean.

List of new buildings/items on the map:
Sheep Lean-to
Machine Storage Shed
Food Storage Shed
Main Machine Shed
Potato/Beet Shed
Farm Silo Complex
Farm Fuel Tank
Dairy Shed
Cattle Fence
Barbed Fence
Power Poles & Meter Boxes
Silage Silos
Casey's General Store
Dollar General Store
Miniature Golf (Mav's Putt Putt)
Hog Sale Lot
Freight Yard w/ Ground Storage
Wool Master (wool sell point)
Farmers Coop (grain mill)
Cargill Plant (port)
Grain Barges
Cow Wow (manure sell point)

johnnytentoe, Alpha1951, maverickgoth, colebehrendt & dylan delong
If I missed anyone let me know and I will add you to the list.
Please contact me if you do find any issues with the map or it's contents.
This map and all mods included MAY NOT be uploaded to any other site.
Keep Original Download Link.
If you would like to use any of my mods, please contact me for permission.

Roads - atze1978
Road Signs - Virikas
Water Mod - Marhu
Original Pig Confinement Buildings - Marhu
Auto Gates - Sandgroper
Houses - Farmer 14
Guard Rails - Fendt512
Bridges - Nick98.1
Rail Road Bridges - iacappo1977
Michal Silo's - Honclik

  • Blain
    2014-02-26 19:08
    What's up with the water texture? It shows up as a plain gray surface.
  • Domapoi
    2014-03-10 09:42
    The grain dump at the "Farmers CO-OP" has an invisible hole on the east side of the dump grate. If you go at a normal slow rate when going over the grate you will fall into the hole and get stuck every time.
  • Corey
    2014-06-01 00:07
    I can't farm the fields because the fences around the fields stop the tractors.
  • Aaron
    2014-07-16 00:35
    you can't farm the fields because of the fences? what do you think farmers in real life do? this is currently the map i play exclusively. the fences are not a problem unless your hiring workers and using courseplay all the time.
  • Matthew
    2014-11-05 03:34
    I cant find anyway to buy fields what am i missing?
  • Neal
    2015-11-27 09:03
    please convert to fs15
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