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Modpack T174 2 v7.0
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Modpack T174 2 v7.0

ModPack T174 -2 Version 6 by * ieg53i *
Do not unpack the downloaded zip file !
In the mod folder and do not rename copy !
In the mod folder must be : T174_2_Version6
Mod is log error free , MP -capable.
Playable on standard and mod maps.
Control of all movements of your mouse and keyboard.
-------------------------------------------------- -

Version 5 has been dropped because the ball tongs from adcrafter27 was
and no permit existed , I ask again at this point for the inconvenience.
In this version the 6 Ballenzange was NEW ! built and not of
adcrafter27 modified or umgescant !
================================================== ==================
Giants editor 5.0.3 and LS2013 Patch 2 or later is required !
================================================== ==================

Attention in the log file are displayed "missing l10n " warnings
but this is a bug error from Patch2 and not from the mod!
In Patch2 the entry input bindings ( control) is ignored.
Therefore, the warnings are in the log file before loading the mod files .
The input bindings from the mod itself with loaded and working
then in the game properly.
The bug error in Patch2 should the next patch
be resolved by Giants.
So do not panic ...
multiplayer supported / MP - capable

Grippers are suitable AlternativeTipping


Mobile Crane Progress T 174-2
2 VD 14,5 / 12-1 SRL 25kW/34PS
VEB Weimar work (DDR )
Produced from 1965 , from 1972 Version2
Revision of the lower trolley and installation of a hydraulic support
whereby the carrying capacity was increased to 2.5 tons .
In addition, an air pressure-assisted brake was installed .
Predecessor Weimar loader T172 with cable
Successor progress T185

T174 -2 in yellow, blue and green
Purchase price € 7500 Maintenance / day 30, - €

bucket gripper
Purchase price 500 , - € Maintenance / Day 15 , - €

Purchase price 500 , - € Maintenance / Day 15 , - €

Purchase price 200 , - € Maintenance / day 5, - €

Purchase price 900, - € Maintenance / Day 18 , - €

Purchase price 700, - € Maintenance / Day 16 , - €


Fuel tank capacity 500 liters

bucket gripper
Capacity in 1800
Multi Fruit
charge of
wheat barley rape maize potato sugarbeet grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow
wheat_windrow barley_windrow silage forage chaff manure

fork gripper
Capacity in 1800
charge of
manure silage grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow

= Consumption of all devices with the attacherJoint joint type " trailer"
e.g. Tow bars , chains, ropes and trailer ** **

Accesses round and square bales of all kinds
What was once captured not fall out !
For front-end loader used conditionally *** ***

for Ballenzange and FL- On Devices
( Forks gripper blades pallet forks )
Rotatable recording devices


                             keyboard and mouse
Supports v / b left + right xAxis
Devices Dreher left shift on the boom + v / b left + right yAxis
Turn excavator k / m left xAxis
Main arm n / j left yAxis
Boom left shift + n / j right yAxis
Gripper open / left shift + k / m right xAxis
Equipment mounting frame NumPad 7/8 right xAxis
Pliers on / to X
Work light front boom NumPad 5
Work light rear tail NumPad 6
Driving light / Lighting F
High beam left shift + F
Rundumleuchte Pos1
Left turn signal NumPad 1
Right turn signal NumPad 3
Warning lights NumPad 2
horn 0
Open Door C. Sit in the car
                            then spacebar and left at the door
                            front right , click the red circle
                            click again schliest the door
-------------------------------------------------- -----------

Driving the excavator is only possible if after boarding
the engine to " full tour " is running. Approx. 10 sec

Coupling of each device :

Use the rotary part which the boom is above the desired device
move and, if necessary , turn the rotator with keyboard or mouse,
until the Ankuppelsymbol appears.
When coupling at the gun where appropriate, the Dreher
actuate the rack.
It is important to ensure that the particular device which moves or down -
should also be coupled in the schema ( key G) was selected.

Mod has been tested on several cards and different computers .

Mod is log error -free and does not cause " missingl10n " warnings.

Small discrepancy in with driving and high beam
The two functions can only be turned on and off separately .
But have no games Technically Relevant's .

Credids :

Excavators = Urmodder from LS11 * modding universe *
Conversion to LS13 , total renovation and re-writing the scripts and xml * ieg53i *

Shuttle = Urmodder unknown =
Total conversion and xml * ieg53i *

Hook = new buildings and xml * ieg53i *

Frame = new buildings and xml * ieg53i *

Pliers = new buildings and xml * ieg53i *

Engine sound * Falcrum *


Modifications and reinstatement please first ask for permission via PM !
Parts that are included in this mod , not from ieg53i === ===
sodern were created by the modders that are listed in Credids
modified and only ieg53i .
I ask explicitly for attention !
The Rundballenzange_FL of adcrafter27 was removed and a new
replaced . Only the . Lua files are similar, but this is the functions
owed and the control and has nothing to do with a Copie !

All the modders listed in Credids and unintentionally unnamed
is herewith my thanks .
I would also like to thank * for * bassaddict sincerely
without his help and advice Währe this mod probably not have arisen.

And now wishes good gaming with this mod

ieg53i === ===

PS: . Whoever finds spelling errors may keep them !

Errors and misstatements reserved!

Modding-Universum, Falcrum, ieg53i

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