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ModTest Map v1.3
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ModTest Map v1.3

This is a map mods to testing, it is not playable!
It contains the dealer, BGA, cow pasture, shelter with bales and wool pallets, silos and storage, Brunen, seed and fertilizer trigger, 1 box per type of fruit + 1 empty field, a close and another slalom course, a hill slope to test the suspension, forestry buildings (Forstmod is required) and a forest with 34 trees fällbereiten.

Know that when you create only one game, high cheat money and Lagerfüllstände and you can test it your mods.
So you can check before you take them on in a existing game, or for the modders to test moment during the create a mod your new mods. The map is extra small, so it has a fast charge time.

It is not allowed this map without my express permission to another page to upload!
It's not allowed to upload this map without my explicit permission!

Gebaut von JoPim
Mapsiloband von Marhu

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