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More Realistic default Vehicle Pack v1.3.5
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More Realistic default Vehicle Pack v1.3.5

This is the default vehicle pack converted to "mr".
This vehicle pack requires the "mr engine" V1.3 minimum

MoreRealisticVehicle.zip (v1.3.5)
- all vehicles i3d files converted to new format with ".shape" files.
- all "wheeled" vehicles fixed to comply Giants patch 2.1 new spring settings.
- mixer wagon (Kuhn profile and confort) mixing power consumption decreased.
- Deutz TTV7250EX is now more powerful (and more thirsty)
- Horsch Express 3TD fixed (not "realMassWanted" set => it was far too light)
- Poettinger Eurohit 130A => less "jerky"
- Krone BigPack : improved tail-end collision boxes
- Arcusin autostacker : raised a little bit to prevent bales from "jumping" a little at discharging time.
- Kroeger SRB35 : adjusted center of mass fully loaded
- Amazon Condor 15001 : more "flexible" to allow using in "rough" field (added rotLimit and transLimit to the "folding" parts)

MoreRealisticVehicle.zip (v1.2)
- set slurry tank usage to 20M3 per Hectare (previous usage was set to 30M3)
- set manure spreader usage to 20T per Hectare (previous usage was set to 25T)
- dampen the "bouncing" problem of the front part of the Case IH Quadtrack at full speed
- grain combine harvesters and grimme tectron and maxtron feature "losses".
- Krone Comprima now features the "enhance round baler" specialization
- Krone XDisc power consumption decrease so that the Krone BigX goes faster when cutting/chopping grass
- Kuhn GA8521 : no "damping" for the steering axle


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