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Mountain Valley Farm
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Mountain Valley Farm

I made this map just for fun. So it is, What it is....It's not completed yet but if someone want's to finsh it go ahead. The mods you will need for the map are. Placeable water mod for the cows, And a multifruit harvester. As I have replaced rape with soybeans, It's not that big of a map so all you need to dew is take a drive around and you will figure it out. Have Fun..... 

By farmboy002

  • Farmboy002
    2014-08-30 22:29
    I just want to thank everyone that has downloaded the map. And to tell you alittle more about it. I made the map with the idea of using placeable mods, the spot in back of the bga is for placeable manure sells, other placeables I'm using are stop milk sell,milk truck trigger,mixing station,hen house,halls. And if anyone want's to improve or update the map feel free to do so. And a gin thanks for downloading the map.
  • Farmboy002
    2014-09-05 05:50
    You need to download the PDA FIX 2.1 To fix the PDA in the map. And agin Thanks for downloading the map.....
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