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MR Case 500T AD Pluse with FLEX v2
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MR Case 500T AD Pluse with FLEX v2

More Realistic Game Engine (Only) V1.2.1.2 REQUIRED.
The model is simple and light.
Change log
Adjust over all pyhics
Added hitch and Anhydrous tank
Do not have many animations, all animations were made with "Moving Tools".
100% compatible with MP, and no bugs.
I along with SMW modding, we will make a full version, just the reality.
But while we're not in time, hope you guys enjoy this mod.
Capacity: 4500L
Maintenance: $15 / day
Fruits Types: Wheat,Barley,Rape,Maize,Grass
Anhydrous tank
Capacity: 3000L
Maintenance: $300 / day
Fruits Types: Anhydrous.
Press "X" to open seeder, and "B" to activate.
Be sure you use "G" to change tool to file each mod and turn each on 1 by 1.
100% compatible with Multi fruit mod.

Model and texture: Rafazr
Scripts and Ingame: Rafazr and Giants.
Thanks to Luciano Wendt for help.
tweaks AlbertL
Spacial Thanks to jrbrown for all your help in finishing this off nicely with complete scripts
MR AlbertL and lindbejb

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