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MR Cat 345 BUNPACK beta
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MR Cat 345 BUNPACK beta

cat excavater buket can creat sand from base terain IF you have
this line added to your map lua.

Step 1.
unzip your map. Move zip file to your desk top.
Open the SampleModMap.lua
Add the below code string.
[See image above to see what is above and below this code string]


FruitUtil.registerFruitType("sand", g_i18n:getText("sand"), false, false, false, 0, 4, 6, 8, false, 0.75, 3, 0.05, true, Utils.getFilename("huds/sandhud.dds", baseDirectory), {1,1,1,1});

Otherwise pushing "X" will only "Scrath" the ground with plow texture.

lift/lower j/n
second arm numpad 5/8
buket numpad 9/6
swing right/left numpad 1/3

Original LS11 Fredzaza / LS13 conversion by Getsome2030 / Mouse Control by ieg53i / Edit Goelm
Edited by me for extra fruits
Converted to MR by JR Brown and myself

  • Albertl
    2014-03-04 00:47
    This mod has been uploaded without my permission.Please provide American Eagles modding staff with this Uploaded er IP address so that he can Be banded from there sight.Original link,http://www.americaneaglesmodding.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;id=828Fail er to do this will result in a Email to Giants software for legal action under the Creative Commons attribution.
  • Albertl
    2014-03-04 05:05
    If this mod is still on this sight tomorrow 3/4/2014. I will be sending a letter to Giants Software to Begin procedures to have this sights limited user licence for giants software Revoked.
  • Fredzaza
    2014-03-04 08:10
    Hello,ALBERTL this mod author not only you. I upload this mod to modhub.us. Please site administrator not delete this mod.Regards Fredzaza (I create this mod).
  • Albertl
    2014-03-04 12:08
    Well then you should have uploaded under your own name.Would have saved me the stress after all, it is yours.We at AEM are getting sink of our work being uploaded all over the web without proper support, compleat credits or compleat instructions.Please Pm Me on AEM I have been trying to get in touch with you for over a year.
  • Gary
    2014-03-05 02:24
    I'll get it here since the other website says I'm not alowed to down files.
  • Albertl
    2014-03-05 08:48
    Gary,You must create a account then you can download from AEM.Fredzaza, contact me on AEM, I need chat with you reguarding anouther mod and your scripts.
  • Guest
    2014-03-06 00:15
    I call B.S. The real Fredzaza has never uploaded any of his mods ANYWHERE other than the French FS forum that he is a regular member. So, why would he decide to upload an edited version Albert did instead of any of his original mods? And only to this site and within a couple hours of when it was released on AEM?Don't fall for this Albert. It's either an admin of this site trying to cover his tracks and prevent being reported to Giants, or the person that uploaded it here trying to trick yo
  • Albertl
    2014-03-06 00:30
    Oh don't worry. They have nearly all of My edits on this sight.So far no reply from any staff to my email.So I am linking everyone of my Edits, along with SMW, ABS, and LMS mods that I know for a fact are not uploaded to this sight with permissions To be sent in a nice long Email to Gaints software.The sight has 24 hours then I will be sending the email for Gaints to begain Legal action.
  • Pitviper81
    2014-03-06 07:43
    where can i find the trailer that the excavator is loaded on, I'd love to have that 4 axle RGN trailer
  • Ismo
    2014-03-06 19:12
    how this mod be instal?
  • Martsp
    2014-03-07 02:05
    where can i find the trailer that the excavator is loaded on?
  • Farmingsim
    2014-03-09 23:03
    I cant find it
  • Needshelp
    2014-03-11 13:57
    Anyone know how to get this mod working in multiplayer? the bucket doesnt stay with the machine?
  • Nonnus
    2014-03-14 00:28
    This mod is not 100% MR, the conversion is poorly madefirst the dampings not deleted!second a machine like this donĀ“t have 4wd so why put 4wd option? put in all wheels driveMode="2"
  • Victor
    2014-09-03 02:52
    Hello there! I do not understand much English nesesitaria for my farming simulator machine motor grader road if my arm for download thanks !!!!
  • Dean trenholm
    2015-07-24 06:34
    where can I get the trailer that the loader is sitting on please
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