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MR Forage Wagon Pack
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MR Forage Wagon Pack

Here is the MR version of the Forage Wagon pack by ifkonator.

Lights V3.1.
Animated pickup.
Loading particles.
New wheels.
Animated PTO.
Attachable hoses. (Not Universal attacher, yet)

MR edits:
Changed load volume to DIN sizes compressed (Uncompressed):
Jumboline: 46.6 m3 (97m3)
Shuttle: 44 m3 (70m3)
ZX 450: 44 m3 (75m3)
ZX 550: 53 m3 (90m3)
Weight of wagons:
Shuttle: 10470kg
Jumboline: 12500kg
ZX 450: 10260kg
ZX 550: 11300kg
PTO Power requirements:
Shuttle: 112kw
ZX450: 118kw
ZX550: 140kw
Jumboline: 150kw

These wagons will be a great addition to any farm, I suggest you get yourself a pressure washer also:

Giants: Base model
Ifkonator: All specializations.
mjk: Washable
MR: Spaceraver
Thank you goes to Ifkonator for letting me edit and upload.

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