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MR Green Iron Horse Farm Redone v2
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MR Green Iron Horse Farm Redone v2

In the 18th century my Family defeated this island to avoid an invasion of the Mainland!

Redone2 version
Wool spawn. (Blocked from 3rd pallet)

For that we receive our coat of arms ;-) . In following peaceful times we started a successful farming business that brought more people to Bluebell Island. After a while our products where know as high quality less amount speciality's! First was the brewery that made a fine beer from our family's barley, for cider and pear brand we planted trees, and the slaughter used our cattle for beef that decadent upper-class paid very well for. Old Windmills where long time enough for our grain, but the Watermill is more efficient so the miller just keeps them for tourist and experimental archaeology. The spinnery was build by a bored aristocrat who thought he could fill the Island with sheep, but that was a failure! Today it works mainly from imported wool. With the dairy, that produced a label butter there was good income for some family's, so others followed. Now we are a little community that lives well on Bluebell. A visit to our summer party will show you. Or maybe you receive a permission to settle here, who knows!

(not serious)


V 3.0 Wrong Beef price, look at comments
Automatic Milksale (standart)

V 4.0 Correct Beef price
No Milksale (drive yourself)

Redone2: Wool Spawn corrected, update from V 4.0
Continue Savegame - All zip´s have same name
I rebuild this map to play a Scenaro with realistic Vintage mods. If you want to work on your Fields. 21 Fields and Grassland. Very Old Farm, Sheep, Cows, Chickens and Beef. Animated Silo's, Animated Door Triggers. Water Mod. Beef Mod. Soil mod. Chopped Straw. Clover and Alfalfa for Greenfertilizer.

Required Mods (this card needs these mods)

MoreRealisticMod2013 - http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/34803/morerealistic-engine-v1-3-61
MoreRealistic default Vehicle Pack - http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/34805/morerealistic-default-vehicle-pack-v1-3-9 -  Because starting vehicles
MapDoorTrigger - https://vertexdezign.net/downloads/AnimationMapTrigger?id=4 -  for operating Farmsilo

Prepared for

SoilManagement - http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/34919
ChoppedStraw - http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/34937
GreenFertilizer - https://www.modhoster.de/mods/grundunger-mod

How to use
The added moreRealistic.zip is a replacer did has been edited only for clover and alfalfa to avoid a log warning `fruit not found`! You have to download silent Dural`s moreRealistic Mod (link see required mods, there are three zip's, this is just one). Please make a backup of your (Dural's) moreRealistic Mod, install all or just the two others and drop mine to your mods folder. If you installed all confirm overwriting! Now the log shoulderstand be clean.

The Farmsilo is in the old Stable (Centre, behind Maize). At the headend by the bridge is a funnel where you unload your trailer. At the side of the building you find some signs and rods hanging, there you load your trailer. You open them by standing near the Stone Marker and press ``O´´ (provided MapDoorTrigger is installed). Close after use, or the next Trailer that passes will be filled! Btw: The ladder is also expandable. The straw and balestrigger is in the drivethrough Barn (east side,you´ll find it) where the strawpiles lay on the gound. The same Barn is by the Cowzone, also with strawsale (so, there are 2). Milkcows get water from the old trailer on the pasture. Seed and fertilizer is in the sched by the Fueltank. Water you tank at the well by the Farmshop. Wool sale is at the Spinery near the Vehicle Dealer. At the Market you´ll find a second eggsale and east of the village is the Slaughterhouse. To feed the cattle drive to the Barn east of the stable, silage and straw in the stable and load for sale in the middle by the side door. I´ll leave some to discover (like, which trunk is water or food for sheep).
Now i´ll add a map with numbers to lead you to the locations.

1.Farmground and sheep  2.Cattle  3.The Grain Store  4.Old Watermill  5.Diary  6.Farmshop 7.Brewery  8.Inn  9.Old Dock  10.Cowzone  11.Vehicle Dealer and Spinery

This Mod and all my other Mod´s are NOT FREE for uploading
I (realisticpunk) have released these Mod´s just on FS-UK, Modhoster & Nexusmods for Direct Download!
Respect the Modders Scene and don´t Support Any Questionable Sites!
Thanks for your Attention and Loyalty.
Have Fun
realisticpunk 12/2016

Recommended Mods (some Mods i use)
Hühnerstall - http://marhu.net/ModPage.php?mod=Huehnerstall
Mr_smallFarmPack - http://www.modhoster.de/mods/small-farming-pack
Fieldstatus - http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/32669
HudHider  - http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/33399/hud-hider
Manual Ignition - https://www.farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=de&mod_id=182&title=fs2013
HydrantWatertrigger - http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/31437/hydrant-with-watertrigger-different-designs
MrOldiegewicht400kg600kg - https://www.modhoster.de/mods/oldigewicht-400kg-600kg
MrHW_Viehtransporter_TSLv3 - https://www.modhoster.de/mods/hw-vieh-transporter

Klee/Luzerne zum füttern (wie grass nach dem mähen) - Clover/alfalfa to feed (like grass after mowing)

Modders Credit

Main Map Author: somethingonmyshoe2 - permission confirmed

Rebuilding: realisticpunk

Dural, Decker_MMIV, webalizer, KaosKnight, JakobT, Csmc. OBE modding. Mourice. Katsuo. MrFox. martinbigM500. Luculus. Raptor5. Chief86. Marhu. Joker. duarn. sandgroper. WKubota. FarmerYip. Typho0n. KundSModding, modelleicher, schwabenmodding, M-S_Buschi, zt 323 adup1, Andrei Valentin-romania-farming, Dejan, Frank, CSMC Team, JauchenPaule, EasterEgg, IHC27 - Lehbi - SLJ-Agrar, trixi, Ziberg, Nismo, Bernascht, Fendtfan1, VanillaIce83, manni_112, OoOeikeOoO - andre, majo84 - Manu1993Profi, Admin2, PD-Modding Team, Treckerjack TJ1 - bgo1973, Eribus, ZeFir-poland, Agrotron 7250, JJB & Dozer2312, Kwazulu, SETKA Modding, John Deere 6930 - vertexDezign, ???

All used models are free - if mentioned in Credit

I hope that somethingonmyshoe2 and I didn't miss anyone who's mod we used. When I did, please give me the permission to let other Gamers, that don’t mod themself, play with our toys!

To all others; great stuff, amazing work, proud to use and play your mods, please keep going!


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