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MR Green Iron Horse Farm v4.0 Redone
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MR Green Iron Horse Farm v4.0 Redone

I have rebuilt a scenario to play this card with realistic vintage mods. 21 fields and grassland. Age farm, sheep, cows, chickens and cattle. Animated Silo's, animated doors, water Mod, Mod meat, ground Mod, chopped straw, clover and lucerne for green manure.

Version 4.0 Redone
Correct Beef price
No milk sale (drive yourself) No Milksale (drive yourself)

I rebuild this map to play a Scenaro with realistic vintage mods. If you want to work on your Fields. 21 Fields and grassland. Very old farm, sheep, cows, chickens and beef. Animated silo's, animated door triggers. Water Mod. Beef Mod. Soil mod. Chopped straw. Clover and alfalfa for Greenfertilizer.

Required Mods (this needs Map this mods)
Required Mods (this card needs these mods)

MoreRealisticMod2013 - http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/34803/morerealistic-engine-v1-3-61
MoreRealistic default Vehicle Pack - http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/34805/morerealistic-default-vehicle-pack-v1-3-9 - For Start Vehicles / Because starting vehicles
MapDoorTrigger - https://vertexdezign.net/downloads/AnimationMapTrigger?id=4 - For Farmsilo use / for operating Farmsilo

Prepared for / Vorbereited for

SoilManagement - http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/34919
ChoppedStraw - http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/34937
GreenFertilizer - https://www.modhoster.de/mods/grundunger-mod

How to use / How to use

The beigefuegte moreRealistic.zip is a replacement, which was rewritten for clover and lucerne to'fruit not prevent a log warning found '! You still need Dural's moreRealistic Mod (link see above, these are three .zip's, this is only one) download. Please save a copy of your (Dural's) moreRealistic Mod, installed all or only the other two and pulls my in your mods folder. If you have installed all confirmed via write! Now the log should be clean.
The added moreRealistic.zip is a replacer did has been edited only for clover and alfalfa to avoid a log warning `fruit not found`! You have to download silent Dural`s moreRealistic Mod (link see required mods, there are three zip's, this is just one). Please make a backup of your (Dural's) moreRealistic Mod, install all or just the two others and drop mine to your mods folder. If you installed all confirm overwriting! Now the log shoulderstand be clean.

Modders Credit

Main Map Author: somethingonmyshoe2 - permission confirmed

Rebuilding: realisticpunk

Dural, Decker_MMIV, webalizer, KaosKnight, JakobT, Csmc. OBE modding. Mourice. Katsuo. MrFox. martinbigM500. Luculus. Raptor5. Chief86. Marhu. Joker. duarn. sandgroper. WKubota. FarmerYip. Typho0n. KundSModding, modelleicher, schwabenmodding, M-S_Buschi, zt 323 adup1, Andrei Valentin-romania-farming, Dejan, Frank, CSMC Team, JauchenPaule, EasterEgg, IHC27 - Lehbi - SLJ-Agrar, trixi, Ziberg, Nismo, Bernascht, Fendtfan1, VanillaIce83, manni_112, OoOeikeOoO - andre, majo84 - Manu1993Profi, Admin2, PD-Modding Team, Treckerjack TJ1 - bgo1973, Eribus, ZeFir-poland, Agrotron 7250, JJB & Dozer2312, Kwazulu, SETKA Modding, John Deere 6930 - vertexDezign, ???

All used models are free - if mentioned in Credit

I hope that somethingonmyshoe2 and I didn't miss anyone who's mod we used. When I did, please give me the permission to let other Gamers, that don’t mod themself, play with our toys!
Ich hoffe das somethingonmyshoe2 und ich nicht jemanden, dessen Mods wir verwenden, uebersehen haben. Falls das so ist, bitte ich um die erlaubniss, andere Spieler die nicht selber modden, mit unseren Spielzeug spielen zu lassen!

To all others; great stuff, amazing work, proud to use and play your mods, please keep going!
An alle anderen; klasse zeug, erstaunliche arbeit, stolz eure mods zu benutzen und zu spielen, bitte weiter so!


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    Modhub is a community of game modification designers who share their modifications to make the game play a real pleasure for you.This is a complete nonsense. No one of you ``designed´´ this Mod!! And the most ignorant and stupid is YOU CANT EVEN EDIT THE DESCRIBTION PROPER. LEGASTENIKER. I one of you `visitors´ is looking for real designer mods: FS-UK.COM, Modhoster.de(Original of this mod) and for alot of other games NEXUSMODS:COMI am the maker of this map and have
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