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MR JD 4850 RowCrow BuyableWheels [fixed]
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MR JD 4850 RowCrow BuyableWheels [fixed]

This mod comes with Buyable duals and triple rear wheels.
These wheels are designed yo attatch on your three point, with high enough clearance so you can pull some draw bar tools.
Example Frasers Mr 2410.
To attatch wheels:
Unhitch the carage from tractor.
Drive up earther in frount, attatcher point or the revers side the back till you See the Attatch wheels M show up in your help menu.
Push M and attatch your wheels.
To remove or change from Duals to Triples, go back to carage, push M to remove then go attatch the other set.

This mod is Only athorized to be uploaded on AEM. ANY UPLOAD ON ANY OTHER SIGHT is not athorized.
If found please post the below in the coments or suport if they have one.

This mod is uploaded without the creators permission.
Here is the ariginal link with compleat crdits list.
Please remove from this websight.

This mod requires the More Realistic Game Engione to work.

Uhr Modell: Knagsted
Umbau Modell änderungen anpassung auf 1:1 : schlueterfan1977
Textur: schlueterfan1977
Ingame: schlueterfan1977
modelleicher(RadsturzV2, Zylinder, realExhaustParticleSystem, realisticIndoorCam,visibilityByAttachedObject)
Face(PowerShaft, OperatingHours, ESLimiter);
Mythos(extraWeights); MR.X(gasLimiter)
Sven777b(BelV3, toggleAnimatedParts),Alex2009(Rotors)
lechu and Aranea (Hand animation v1.0)
weights Fraser Cow
MR Converssion AlbertL
MikeLowery for help teaching me get the three point right.
Thanks to my testers you know who you are.

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