Farming simulator 2019 mods
MR JD 9560R V4
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MR JD 9560R V4

Description: V4

-Interactive Buttons
-Interactive Windows
-Realistic Exhaust
-Realistic Camera
-Wheel Particles
-Realistic Lights
-Indoor Lights
-Animated Hydraulics
-Indoor Sound
-Digital Display
-Triple Wheels
-MR Ballast
-MR Shuttle
-much much more

-Seems to pull the best with just the rear weights on (First Setting)

3D work: Zolee11, TT-Modding, Balogh2003, JohnDeere6920, Giants, vasilis, pfreek, schlueterfan1977, BBM, modelleicher, Lindbejb
Texture: TT-Modding, AGO, BBM, JohnDeere6920, Pfreek, donkey, Lindbejb
Script: modelleicher, Sven777b, Tobias F, fruktor, Templaer, Mythos, Timber131, Lindbejb
Mr: Lindbejb

  • Noah
    2014-07-06 23:48 Send message
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    Says I have no room. Must clear store but It is already cleared. Please fix
  • Gavin clifton
    2016-06-05 03:59 Send message
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    Does not work!
  • Jj


    2020-04-15 20:01
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    very nice bro keep it up
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