Farming simulator 2019 mods
MR John Deere DB90 v3
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MR John Deere DB90 v3

-URF works with MREngine 1.2

-keep the support wheels touching like in real life
-move them forward (M) going up hill
-KP_0 gives the menu

1: There are several UV out of range errors.  These do not seem to affect gameplay.
2: There is a physics error associated with the marker arms when they are folded and unfolded.
3: Washable texture missing in some nodes

xyzspain-Original Kinze 3800 planter model and script
x3mperformance- John Deere Reskin
Troleja- Edit and Conversion to FS 2013
Lindbejb: MR converted, Texture enhancement, Debugged reduced lag.

  • Jordan
    2014-01-26 16:21
    I can't get this one to work. It keeps saying no more space every time i go to buy it at the store.
  • Rylan waldner
    2014-06-27 04:57
    siezes up my game when i hook up to it
  • Kayde stange
    2014-07-12 09:01
    You have to get a mr game engine
  • Guest
    2015-07-07 17:49
    I figured out that if you go to your pda menu and reset it to your farm it stops going nuts and will work in game but still has some errors as far as wheel index and rot overlap in the log.
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