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MR Lizard 7210 v1.0
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MR Lizard 7210 v1.0

Lizard 7210 of / from LS11 by bsx Mod`s LS

More Realistic changes / tag
by realisticpunk (with help of tutorials from Dural and Model Eicher)
of realisticpunk (using the tutorials from Dural and Model Eicher)

StrawSpec: Templaer
DustWheels: fructor

Tryed to convert my first harvester Because I needet a Oldie with Straw toggle for my way to play. Because i didnt find any data i had to try and error. Hope i didnt fail to much.
I herewith my first Drescher tries to rebuild, because I have a Oldie with chopped straw needed for my category. Unfortunately, I found no data, so that I had to guess and try. Hope not too much deviated to lie.

Horn repaired!
Horn repaired!
Brake sound added.
Brake noise added.

Straw Chopper added (so it's usefull for ChoppedStraw and SoilMod!)
Chopped straw inserted (so that it is useful for ChoppedStraw and SoilMod!).

DustWheels prepared (.zip has to be in `` MyGames / FS13 / mods'' folder).
DustWheels vorbereited (.zip must in `` MyGames / LS13 / mods'' folder be).

Have Fun with it.

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants
Script: ?
Idee / Konzept: ?
Tester: ?
Sonstige: bsx

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    Im Themodder and this is not where i release my mods. Delete this NOW.
  • Cry some more
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    This always makes me laugh ^^^
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