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Mscy Remsymap v1.0
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Mscy Remsymap v1.0

Welcome to the remsymap
It offers you a small courtyard, with a Schweinemascht and 12.24 ha of arable land,
There are three pieces of wood that you can manage
(with the Forstmod) course. And of course many green meadows,
the gesamdfläche is 78.15ha (arable land)
The map was created by real criteria fields are not square
I have two Downlods with a forest that is growing on, and one without.

Important: leg version with forest one also needs the Waldmod
I have sown the sawmill and wood chip system and a wood chip stock before placing, and firs before.

Fruit types:
Wheat, barley, canola, corn, beets, potatoes, grass,

Cows, sheep, chickens, pigs.
This has been installed:
Slurry manure and lime Mod

These mods are still needed:
Slurry manure and lime Mod:

MapDoorTrigger Mod:

Forest mod:

Inventory at the start:
Same Argon3 75
430 Deutz TTV
Pottinger Max 6
Deutz 5465 H
Kröger Ggroliner HKD
Krape Big Body 650
Amazone Cenius 3002
PöttinerEurocat 315H
Bergmann Shuttle 900K
Pottinger Servo 35
Amazone D9 3000 Super
Kuhn Profiles 1880
Pottinger Eurohit 690 N
Kuhn GA 4521 GM
Amazone UF 1801
Amazone ZA-X1402
Bergmann M 1080 manure spreader
Krotte Garant VE 8000
weights 2
Mobile water tank
I thank all modders whose objects and

Textures I have installed:
Textures (Tessmann85)
scale Alex2009
MapSiloBand Marhu
Brenenrei-range egg
Country trade _PaPa_
Workshop Equipment Jauch Paule
Outdoor silos maser789
Slurry and manure Mod v 1.1 (HatzFan) TMT
Silos v 1.0 honclik
Country trade rebuild v 1.0 (Marhu HatzFan Kolbenfresser) TMT
Feed storage function with v 1.2 (Ganelcer) (frisco0177)
Slaughterhouse, v 1 Funky
WaterMod Map v 3.0 - (Marhu)
Silos v 1.0 (honclik
Grain storage machine shop v 1.0 (Kyosho)
Streets modular v 1.0 (atze1978)
and I thank all those who I forgot to mention.
Additional Information:
The map can not be uploaded without my permission in modified version or in other forums!


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