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MTZ 892 v2.0
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MTZ 892 v2.0

Life-size, realistic sounds, all the texture of high-quality IC management, reflected in the windows, coming out can open doors, hood, and add / remove weights, running speed indicators, almost all tractor animated Es limiter, dynamic smoke system, plowing modes, coming out does not go out .

1-4 - Rails
1st to 3rd Turns
6 - Front Lamp
7 - Lights on roof
8 - Front working lamp
9 - Rear work lamps
0 - There indicating mirrors
Space-Management IC
Ctrl + Directory-managed mirror
Ctrl + Shift + Directory-managed mirror frame
In order to manage the left mirror click the left Ctrl, Shift
In order to manage the right mirror, press the right Ctrl, Shift
After getting off and came to the door press the letter R, and open the doors, hood, radiator cap.
Pull out and came forward to the weights, click on the letters M / N thus reduce or to increase the amount of weight in the front.

Supe? Management
V-Lower / raise Supe?
M / N rotating sideways
Supe? sliding: silage, grass, manure, potatoes, beets, beet, grain.

EKA, Lssa, Justinas, MECHANIK, McPj Gandras.

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