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MultiFruit/Fertilizer Seeder Pack V1.0
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MultiFruit/Fertilizer Seeder Pack V1.0

- 8 In-Game Seeders packaged into a single zip (doesn't clutter up your "mods" folder).
- Seeders equipped with URF Script.
- Seeders are MultiFruit and have the ability to plant almost anything if needed.
- All prices, daily cost, etc. match the original in-game equipment.

This was a pack I created for myself sometime ago since I sometimes prefer to use only the in-game equipment and I've finally decided to share it (plenty of testing in that time period).

It doesn't feel like I'm cheating the game since these seeders do have the ability to use fertilizer in real life so there you go!


  • Arlan
    2014-06-22 00:24
    Very good this MOD, was all I needed to thank you for it offers.
  • Realdairyfarmer
    2014-07-31 03:20
    Pleased that you like it =)
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