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MV on the Baltic Sea v1.0
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MV on the Baltic Sea v1.0

Good day ,

The last few days I've cleared out my computer from my Ls mods. And I came across this map that I built a few months ago , but never was 100 percent ready. The terrain on the map is as far removed . In principle missing something feituning as the set of triggers or small field adjustments a few Stellen.Die or a different texture also has png or jpg format. The map itself is already playable, but should still required after the final finish I bekommen.Da me out of the Ls - scene so slowly pull back I want you to not withhold the map. This is in my opinion better than they just throw it away .

Map Description
The map is built in the MV style . It reflects the northwest Mecklenburg again and is right on the Baltic Sea. There is a beautiful estate in bulk Walmstorf , a former old Lpg , a slowly decaying small farm and a new biogas plant on the map. There is a large sea beach with camping , some large and small villages , a country store a lot of arable land and grassland and many water holes , power poles , etc. There are several ways small fields and large fields . The landscape is quite hilly and is well suited for medium to large engineering.

I wish you much fun with the map . As I said, it is not perfect, there are still a few unsightly places but all in all I find it to be a shame to throw away . If someone finds the motivation he can diesß like to do to make the map more beautiful. Since I can withdraw anyway from the scene Ls a revised version evntuelle like to be published, I bekomms anyway not .
A huge thanks to images this point we all modders and scripters whose stuff I've built on the map.
Pictures will come also still the same diverse


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