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My First Map V1
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My First Map V1

Here is my first Map ever made!
I Hope you al will enjoy it.
In particular I want to thank Mike who took all the time to teach me how to make a map.

What can you find in my map.

Main Farm,
Second Farm for storage and pigs,
Biogas Facility,
Vehicle shop,
Garden center,
Country Trade for sell your crops,
Lidl for sell your Pigs Egs and Wool,
Milk Factory,
Small Village,
Gas station,

For any problems or suggestions with the map please contact at; www.ls-nextgeneration.nl User Name; Richard.
I hope you all enjoy.

Crops will die in this version.
At the original dowload link you can find a version where crops will not die.

Mods you need for this map;

- MapDoorTrigger; http://www.modhoster.de/mods/mapdoortrigger--10

I would like to thank all the modders for the use of the buildings, objects and textures.

I do not give permission to edit the map en reupload it.
You can offer the dowload on other website only with fs-uk download link!

Map By; Richard www.ls-nextgeneration.com

Software By; Giants
Pda By; Wackoo
Extra Help By; Mike
Road kit By; Fatian
CountryTrade by; Eifok Team
Pig Stall By; Marhu
Village houses By; Giants
Silo's By; vertexdezign

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